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Bob Dole for President 1988 Campaign Brochure

Bob Dole for President 1988 Campaign Brochure






Leadership. It's more than a resume. It's a lifetime of seasoning. It's being able to speak the people's language, while simultaneously raising their sights. It's getting people of different views to work together for the common good.


For the past seven years, Republican leadership has restored American purpose and revived American prosperity. Bob Dole has been on the frontlines of the Reagan Revolution -- Making things happen. Leading the fight for tax reform, a Balanced Budget Amendment, the Strategic Defense Initiative. Insisting on a foreign policy that secures peace through strength.


Bob Dole has been a tower of strength for rural America fighting for the farmer, for small businessman and women and the traditional values that have made this country great.


"Freedom is a gift from God, not government," says Dole, "and America was meant for greatness."


We've come a long way since 1980. Where do we go from here? What new Republican leader will guide our steps on the road to tomorrow? Who has the experience, the competence, and the sensitivity to provide leadership for the 1990's and extend the American Renaissance into the twenty-first century?




Bob Dole comes from the American heartland from Russell, Kansas, where people live close to the soil and even closer to one another. The kind of place where you don't need government to instill compassion for your neighbors. Where you don't need a holiday as an excuse to fly the flag.


Bob's Dad ran a cream and egg station. His mother sold sewing machines. In Dust Bowl days, when times were tough, the Doles were tougher. When World War II came along, Bob did what came naturally: he went off to fight for his country. As a platoon leader in the Tenth Mountain Division, he was severely wounded in the war's closing days. Other men might not have survived. During an agonizing 39 months in hospitals, Bob Dole willed himself to live. And when Russell rallied to help pay his medical bills, he resolved to give back as much of himself as he could.


"Learn to make the most of what you have," he was told. It was advice he would live by. Within a few years, he was representing his neighbors in the Kansas legislature. A series of public offices followed. County Attorney. Four terms in the U.S. House. Twenty years as a United States Senator -- the last four as Republican Leader in the Senate.


A man tested by adversity and sensitized to the needs of others. A veteran of the Washington scene, who has never forgotten his roots. A proven leader who knows there's nothing average about the so-called "Average American." A practical idealist who isn't afraid to compete in the world market place and will never concede the age old struggle of mankind to be free.




Times of change are times of challenge. But that's never kept Americans from dreaming, then doing, then doing better. "For countless millions since the dawn of America this has been the land of opportunity. Here we reach as high as we dare. I want our children and their children to have the same chance to get a job and get ahead, to share America's bounty and make this country an even better place. I want to recapture the sense of community that Russell gave to me. I want every American to feel that he or she is part of a common enterprise."


There are no easy choices for a President. But there are some enormous opportunities.


To insure American security in a dangerous world. To assert her vital interests and never be intimidated by foreign powers large or small.


To foster freedom at home as well as abroad. To encourage an economic climate where enterprise is rewarded and innovation celebrated. To make our own government less intrusive, and foreign governments less inclined to impose unfair trade barriers.


To forge a government that is competent as well as compassionate, one that gives you full value for your tax dollar while preserving the lower tax rates we worked so hard to achieve. A government that will tighten its belt -- so you won't have to tighten yours.


To make a society in which traditional values predominate and public policy is attuned to the needs of the family. To insure that America remains forever a land of open doors and outstretched hands. As we strive to climb the ladder of success, we can never forget to reach back and help others struggling to get up the first rung.




Experience. Strength. Common sense. And uncommon sensitivity. Uncompromising moral values. A man in touch with everyday Americans, their hopes and their aspirations. Add it all up and you have Leadership. The kind that made America great and will make her greater. Just a few good reasons why Bob Dole should be President.


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