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Ronald Reagan for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

Ronald Reagan for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

‘Let's make America great again.’


The election of a president in 1980 may well be the most important decision America will make during the remainder of the 20th Century. Our future as a nation is at stake.


We cannot accept continued inflation, a mismanaged energy crisis, the erosion of our dollar, and the loss of our personal hopes. We must stop the decline of our leadership in the world, the weakening of our defense capability and the aimless drifting from crisis to crisis.


We can solve our problems. We can do it with American ingenuity common sense and strength of purpose. But we must have wise and experienced leadership from the President of the United States.


Of all the candidates, only Ronald Reagan has the proven leadership we need. He will not try to solve our problems with empty promises. He will not rely on bigger government with more spending. That hasn't worked. The answer is better government, and Ronald Reagan can provide it.


What about inflation? It's a disaster, because the government continues to spend billions of dollars more than it takes in. Ronald Reagan calls for a ceiling on Federal spending and a crackdown on waste. At the same time, he favors incentive tax cuts to increase economic productivity.


The energy Crisis: Ronald Reagan believes the United Shares must become self-sufficient in energy, so no one can ever blackmail us again. He favors an end to restrictive controls, so we can use all the resources now available to us -- including more of the oil and natural gas we have in the U.S. He favors the use of all our technology. That means more and prudent use of coal, more nuclear power with strict safeguards, and for the long term, more solar energy, and other sources.


Foreign policies: To preserve peace Ronald Reagan believes America must regain its leadership in the world. We must rebuild our defense capability, reassure and strengthen our allies and restore our own confidence to defend vital U.S. interests in an increasingly troubled world.


Reagan's Record of Accomplishment

As governor of California for eight years, Ronald Reagan proved what better government can do. By itself, California would be the eighth largest industrial nation in the world. The state faced bankruptcy when Governor Reagan took office.


And the legislature was dominated by the other party.


Asserting his leadership, Governor Reagan turned the state's red ink to black. He gave the taxpayers $5.7 billion in tax relief, in the form of credits and rebates. He left his successor with a $500 million surplus. In 1973 he pioneered the now-popular tax reform movement, with his sponsorship of Proposition One. And in six of his eight years, California had a lower inflation rate than the rest of the U.S..


His welfare reforms produced dramatic result. By cutting out fraud and chiseling, he was able to increase grants to the truly needy by an average of 43%. It is not surprising that Ronald Reagan was twice elected by huge majorities -- in a heavily Democratic state.


Reagan and the World...


Since early 1975, when he completed his second term,


Ronald Reagan has spoken across the land -- and traveled throughout the world. While he was Governor, he carried out five Presidential missions, abroad. In his travels since, he has conferred personally with many world leader,. His meetings with them confirmed his belief that the free world needs and wants a stronger United States.              


In announcing his presidential candidacy, Ronald Reagan won immediate acclaim with his bold and imaginative proposal for a North American Accord. He called for new forms of communication and cooperation between the U.S., Canada and Mexico, to meet the needs of a changing world. This is the leadership we have been lacking. This is the leadership we   need now.


Only one man has the proven experience we need. Ronald Reagan for President 

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