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Alexander Haig for President 1988 Campaign Brochure

Alexander Haig for President 1988 Campaign Brochure

‘Leadership for America’




Alexander Haig understands the promise of America to each of its citizens.


Raised solely by his mother from the age of ten after his father passed away, Al Haig worked hard to see the fulfillment of the American dream. Toward the end of World War II and after a year at Notre Dame University, he moved on to West Point where he was commissioned a lieutenant in 1947.


His service as an aide in General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters early in his career and combat duty both in the Korean War and Vietnam gave Al Haig special insights into the sacrifices of armed conflict. Because of that experience, he knows the importance of maintaining the peace, through strength and enlightened diplomacy.


Al Haig has served seven American presidents in a variety of key positions vital to the nation's well-being. As a leader in the military, government, and industry, Al Haig has been sustained by the creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness of his fellow Americans, which have bolstered his optimism about the nation's future.


He seeks for all Americans what he wishes for each of his children and grandchildren -- a nation with a healthy economy, strong defense, and high ideals born of traditional family values.


Only Al Haig can provide the energetic, experienced, and courageous leadership that can address the tough economic, social, and foreign policy questions facing each of us in the next decade. Join him in achieving a better tomorrow.


Alexander Haig -- statesman, soldier, business leader, public servant.


Through 40 years of service to his country, Al Haig has been a leader of men and women, with a solid record of executive experience and a keen insight into solving the nation's problems.


Al Haig possesses a clear vision of where our country should be moving as we head into the next century on the issues that matter most to the American people -- jobs and the economy, quality education, combating the menace of drugs and crime, preserving the social compact between government and citizens, and maintaining peace in the nuclear age.


To each of these issues, Al Haig brings a wealth of experience.


As White House Chief of Staff in two administrations, Haig brought both fiscal realism and compassion to the nation's domestic agenda, including housing, health care, drug abuse, farmers, youth, and senior citizens.


As NATO military commander, he worked closely with our European allies in strengthening that coalition of democratic states.


As President and Chief Operating Officer of one of the nation's most successful companies with met 200,000 employees, he dealt with the core issues of American industrial competitiveness in an increasingly globalized economy.


As Secretary of State, Haig was a voice of strength and reason in enunciating our country's foreign policy. He advocated the need for the world community, especially the Soviet Union, to accept a code of international conduct based upon the rule of law and peaceful change rather than bloodshed, terrorism and so-called wars of liberation.


"The American people deserve and will only support a government that is compassionate toward its citizens, open in its dealings with them and guided by a deep sense of fairness for all"

-Alexander M. Haig, Jr


The cause of peace and continued economic development depends on enlightened leadership. Al Haig will bring to the nation's highest office those special qualities of Presidential leadership to move our nation into the crucial decade of the 1990's.


Al Haig believes in the promise of better times, of an even greater America. He believes we have the intent, and that we have the resources. And with the renaissance of the American spirit, we have the will.


Alexander Haig Believes In...


Leadership and discipline in managing the nation's fiscal practices and reducing the national debt. Clarity in economic planning that takes into account our commitment to free trade and relations with our trading partners in the age of the global economy.


A coalition of free nations which speaks out and acts on behalf of democratic ideals and human rights for all peoples.


A positive realism in our dealings with the Soviet Union that addresses the issues of arms control, international terrorism and so called "wars of national liberation."


A return to fundamentals in education, focusing on preparing the nation's young people for the age of high-tech to keep America's leadership in industry pre-eminent.


A commitment to family values and moral principles in addressing social issues.


Creative initiatives to encourage a partnership with private enterprise in addressing the problems of urban and rural America including housing, health care, drug abuse, and the elderly.


Alexander M. Haig, Jr.


Four decades of distinguished public service to the Nation as statesman and leader


The 59th Secretary of State


White House Chief of Staff for two administrations


Supreme Allied Commander of NATO


Service to seven Presidents


Coordinator of President's initial trip to the Peoples Republic of China


Key participant in five U.S.-Soviet summit conferences


Direct role in concluding agreements ending the Vietnam War and the return of American prisoners of war


Organizer of first Western Alliance Economic Summit


Student at Notre Dame; graduate of the United States Military Academy; graduate studies at Columbia University; M.A. (International Relations) from Georgetown University


President and Chief Operating Officer, United Technologies Corporation


Currently, founder and President, Worldwide Associates, providing consulting services on domestic and international political, economic, and security issues


Husband (Patricia Fox Haig, wife of 37 years); father (sons Alex and Brian; daughter Barbara); grandfather (Alex and Wendy's four sons: Alex, Christopher, and twins William and Peter).


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