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John F. Kennedy for President 1960 Brochure

JOHN F. Kennedy FOR PRESIDENT 1960 Campaign Brochure



john f. Kennedy

Is a much decorated war hero of World War II

Is widely respected for his scholarship (18 honorary degrees) and his Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Profiles in Courage"

Broke all vote-getting records in winning re-election by 873,000 votes, carrying every city and county in Massachusetts, winning by 3-1 margin and taking the entire State Democratic ticket in with him

Has consistently led the Gallup and other Polls as the only Democrat who can beat any Republican Presidential nominee

Is taking his case to the voters in the maximum number of Presidential Primaries, the route which has been followed by every President since Woodrow Wilson

Has topped every state and national poll as the choice of the rank-and-file Democrats

Has personally visited every one of the 50 states in the last few years

Has been praised for sparking the only new inquiries into our foreign and defense policies in recent years (Indo-China, Algeria, Poland, Missile Gap, India and others)

Won acclaim from farmers for his address to the National Corn Picking Contest, National REA Conference and National Milk Producers Convention

Best understands the needs and aspirations of the labor movement through 14 years of continued service on the Labor Committees of the Congress


Firsthand Knowledge of World Trouble Spots

His four years of service as an officer in the Armed Forces and his fourteen years of Congressional service as well as his own interests and writings, have familiarized him with all branches of government in Washington and taken him to every part of the world: Russia, Brazil, Germany, France, China, Israel, Poland, India, Canada, Korea, and 27 other countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


His Greatness A Product of Strong Ties and Traditions

A devoted husband and father, Senator John F. Kennedy is also the worthy son of an American family that has written state, and national history for 3 generations. His father was appointed by President Roosevelt as chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission and as our Ambassador to Great Britain.  One of his grandfathers was a Democratic Congressman and Mayor of Boston, and his other grandfather was a member of the Massachusetts State House and Senate.


Imagination in Foreign Policy

The Kennedy-Zablocki bill would widen cracks in the Iron Curtain through loans, food and other peaceful means. For these and other efforts on behalf of the Polish people, Senator Kennedy was named man of the year by the influential Polish-American newspaper, The Polish Daily News. In addition, it was his resolution that established the joint international mission to South Asia to build a new framework for free world assistance to these nations. His recommendations for American policies toward Algeria, Africa and Latin America anticipated developments in those areas and offer hope for stronger ties with these uncommitted nations.


Efficiency in Government

As chairman of the Government Operations Subcommittee, Senator Kennedy guided through Congress approximately 30 bills designed to improve the efficiency of government and save taxpayer money. The Hoover Commission estimated his revision of budget and accounting procedures would ultimately save the taxpayers $4 billion annually. He has voted to close tax loopholes, urged a revision of the Government's high interest rate policy, and insisted upon fiscal responsibility. Former President Herbert Hoover praised Senator Kennedy's work with the Hoover Commission which resulted "in important economies in government expenditures".


Pulitzer Prize Winner

A former newspaper correspondent, Senator Kennedy also wrote the sensational 1957 Pulitzer Prize winner "Profiles in Courage" and the World War II bestseller "Why England Slept".  He has contributed penetrating studies of American Government and politics to the nation's top newspapers and magazines.


Aid for the Aged

In 1958 Senator Kennedy drafted a 10-point plan to provide older people with housing, medical care, and recreational facilities. This led to a special Senate Subcommittee on the aged, of which he was vice-chairman. He has also sponsored a bill to provide for hospital, nursing, and medical care for our older citizens.

Champion of Labor

A higher minimum wage, increased unemployment compensation, a broader Federal housing program, and safer working conditions, and protection for responsible unions are a few of Senator Kennedy's accomplishments for working men and women. Sponsor of the AFL-CIO-backed anti-racketeering bill clearing labor's name of a small hoodlum infiltration, he succeeded in Conference on the House Bill in eliminating 15 major provisions restricting honest unions - while preserving the curbs on racketeers.


Hard-Hitting Racket Buster

Senator Kennedy, as a member of the McClellan Rackets Committee, and his brother Bob, as its Chief Counsel, has battled relentlessly to free American labor and management from the grip of racketeers, hoodlums, and union busters. He spent three years on this Committee exposing those who had infiltrated the labor-management field and robbed workingmen of both their dues and their rights.


Fighter for a Durable Peace

A leading spokesman for preventing fall-out from bomb testing, and author of the bill for a national peace agency, Senator Kennedy, on the floor of the Senate and as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has repeatedly called attention to the need for military strength as the basis for a durable peace. His ringing call to close the "missile gap" which will face us in the years ahead was termed by Joseph Alsop as "one of the most remarkable speeches on American defense and national strategy that this country has heard since the end of the last war."


Defender of Civil Liberties

A tireless defender of minorities, Senator Kennedy has voted consistently to protect their civil rights, their homes and their standard of living. He has opposed every effort to restrict freedom of speech, of religion, or of conscience. Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary of the NAACP, said: "The Senator's record is … one of the best voting records on civil rights and related issues of any Senator in the Congress." He introduced the bill and led the fight to eliminate the loyalty oath provisions of the National Defense Education Act.


Prosperity on the Farm

Senator Kennedy, recognizing the national stake in farm prosperity, was one of the earliest advocates of a plan to assure farmers of a fair share of national income. His surplus food distribution and food-for-peace bills have received wide support from both urban and rural organizations. He was the first Senator to protest the Administration proposals to penalize farm cooperatives and led the efforts to block these proposals.


Decorated War Hero

In one of World War II's most dramatic stories, the PT Boat skippered by Lt. John F. Kennedy (USNR) was rammed by a Japanese destroyer in the 1943 battle for the Solomon Islands. Severely injured and lost nine days in the jungle, Lt. Kennedy called on his remarkable qualities of leadership and endurance to lead his eleven shipmates to safety. He saved one of the men by placing a line from the man's life preserver between his teeth and swimming five miles. For his heroism he was twice decorated. His Navy citation stated that his "courage, endurance and leadership" were "in keeping with high traditions of the United States Naval Service".


The Candidate with Unmatched Record of 14 Years' Congressional Accomplishment

Sponsor of the Kennedy-McCarthy (Minn.) bill providing Federal standards of unemployment compensation.

Deciding voice in the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Spokesman for a new concept for defense forces and the danger of the coming missile gap.

Leader in the battle for a fair Labor-Management Reform Act and the Kennedy-Douglas-Ives Pension and Welfare Act.

Author of the Kennedy-Payne-Byrd Budget and Accounting bill to promote efficient government, and 30 other bills resulting from studies by the Hoover Commission.

Champion of increased minimum wages to provide a decent standard of living.

Originator of the Kennedy-Hill Medical Library, the largest medical research institute in the world.

Leader in the battle for the minds of people of the satellite nations through legislation which sends food and other economic aid behind the Iron Curtain.

Active adherent of a strong national defense policy which will maintain this nation's role of strength for the preservation of peace and freedom.

Sponsor of comprehensive program of medical benefits for older citizens, and author of bill reducing retirement age under Social Security for women and disabled persons.

Leader of opposition to Administration proposal for higher interest rates on cooperatives.

Proponent of more adequate distribution of surplus farm products to needy at home and abroad


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