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Richard Nixon for President 1960 Campaign Brochure

Richard Nixon for President 1960 Campaign Brochure

‘Why America needs Richard Nixon’


We need a President who knows the job


Richard Nixon knows it from experience


In these times of crisis there's no time for "on the job" training of a new President. Instant decisions are called for the instant he takes office.


Only Richard Nixon already has the knowledge and skill required, based on eight years of direct experience.


He has given the Vice Presidency new significance, new importance. He helps guide domestic policy, as a member of the Cabinet, is the first Vice President to preside in the President's absence. He helps determine defense programs and foreign policy as a member of the National Security Council, presiding in the President's absence.


As chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Price Stability for Economic Growth he understands how to pay for America's requirements at home and abroad without wrecking the dollar.


Richard Nixon was assigned additional important duties when President Eisenhower had a mild stroke in November 1957. Among other official acts, he took a major part in the decision to start production of our newest missile. He filled the job so well that Eisenhower took the unprecedented step of designating him to serve as Acting President if the President should ever be disabled. He said of Nixon:


“There is no man in the history of America who has had such a careful preparation as has Vice President Nixon for carrying out the duties of the Presidency.”


We need a President who knows other nations


Richard Nixon knows them first-hand


Richard Nixon has travelled the world? 5 continents and 54 countries - winning friends for the United States.


He knows the needs of other nations, the attitudes of their peoples, the thinking and personalities of their leaders. Foreign statesmen have learned to respect him.


Firm in asserting America's position, yet skilled in negotiating, Dick Nixon by his judgment and coolheadedness in crisis has proved himself able to make the right decisions for America.


We need a President able to lead America and the free world


Richard Nixon is that leader


His understanding of America's responsibilities to the world is shown by what he stands for.


1) He wants to keep our national defenses at such a level that "no aggressor can feel he can

launch an attack without risking retaliation in return."


2) He wants to continue every effort to arrive at disarmament with inspection.


3) To protect the Free World against Communist domination, he would continue assistance programs wherever effective.


4) He would refuse to recognize Red China as long as it continues its aggressive policies.


5) He believes in ceaselessly working to replace the rule of terror in the world

with the rule of law.

We need a President who believes in the individual


Richard Nixon is that man


Richard Nixon respects the rights of the individual, a principle which has made America great.


1) He believes in creating even greater opportunities for the individual in a free enterprise system.


2) He wants the States to assume greater responsibility for matters entrusted to them by our Constitution.


Because Richard Nixon believes education should be kept close to the people, he favors Federal aid to needy areas for school construction, but he opposes and Federal subsidy of teachers' salaries which, he feels, would lead to Federal control of education.


He supports housing measures to help private enterprise give America the housing it needs.


He opposes the Forand Bill because it imposes direct Federal control over the individual's welfare, depriving him of freedom of choice. He favors Federal participation in a voluntary medical care program for the aged.


3) He is against segregation and discrimination.


As chairman of the President's Committee on Equal Job Opportunity, he has played an important role in eliminating discriminatory hiring by firms under Government contract.


We need a President who can get things done


Richard Nixon has the know-how


Richard Nixon is a skilled statesman with long experience as a Congressman and a Senator. He knows how to organize the implementing action without which, under our democratic system, the noblest goals cannot be achieved. He recognizes politics as "the art of the possible."


We need a President who stands up for his beliefs


Richard Nixon record speaks for itself


Richard Nixon has won every election in which he has run because he was willing to fight for his convictions. There was no question where he stood.


As an unknown in politics in 1946, his winning margin was 15,592 votes. His freshman term was marked by his work on foreign aid and the Taft-Hartley Act. The public's reaction? In 1948 he received not only the Republican backing for re-election but a Democratic majority as well. His margin: 141,509 votes.


In, 1950, Richard Nixon won his Senate seat with a 680,847 margin, again with Democratic support. His 2.2 million votes topped the Republican registration of 1.9 million.


In 1952, Richard Nixon became Ike's running mate by popular acclamation. And in 1956 he was re-nominated by unanimous vote.


As all his victories demonstrate, Dick Nixon is as popular with Independents as he is with Republicans. He is truly the man of the people - the one man as big as the job.


With your support, Dick Nixon will win again in 1960!


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