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Robert F. Kennedy 1968 for President Campaign Brochure

“I run for the Presidency because I want the United States to Stand for the reconciliation of men...”


Man of Experience

Few men know the Presidency as well as Robert Kennedy


Few men in government have been so vitally involved in the extraordinary issues and events of this decade.

As a Member of the Cabinet under two administrations, Robert Kennedy helped shape the policies that brought new hope to the nation and to the world. The NEW YORK HERALD-TRIBUNE said: "The Attorney General has been in the center of every crisis, had a hand in every major decision," of the New Frontier.

As a Key Member of the National Security Council, Robert Kennedy played a crucial role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. His advice weighed heavily as the President negotiated a peaceful backdown by Premier Khrushchev and the withdrawal of Russian missiles from Cuban soil. Robert Kennedy also participated in the delicate negotiations leading to the nuclear test ban treaty -- the first major step by the United States and Russia to reduce the risk of world war.

As Attorney General, Kennedy compiled a remarkable record of achievement. The WASHINGTON POST wrote: "He has guided more important legislation through Congress than did any of his predecessors in the past 30 years. He has made the Federal Government, for the first time, a vigorous enemy of organized crime. He has pushed equal rights for all Americans..."

As Attorney General, United States Senator, and Special Presidential Envoy, Kennedy has traveled through Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The respect he has earned around the world makes Robert Kennedy the most qualified American to enlist the cooperation of other nations in the cause of peace.

As a United States Senator, he has been a leader in candidly discussing the problems vital to the nation: a way out of the war in Viet Nam, full employment, rising taxes, crime in the streets, the disaffection of our youth, the pollution of water and air, and the strengthening of the economies of our towns and rural areas. Kennedy pioneered new solutions that will put private business and government into partnership to build new housing, offer new jobs, and helped toward a reconciliation of races.

Robert Kennedy is a man with the energy and experience to take over the most important job in the world.


In Poland, as elsewhere in the world, Kennedy evokes enthusiasm and admiration by projecting what America and democracy can achieve.

The Robert Kennedys (and their ten children) are one of the best known families in the world.

Peace, justice, and a new sense of destiny for America -- they have been the goals of Kennedy’s Senate service.

Robert Kennedy helped lead the discussions at “Ex-Com,”the top level of the National Security Council, during the explosive Cuban missile crisis.


Man of Ideas

Kennedy on the Issues of Our Time:

Maturity and Vision for the Future



"I do not want to simply withdraw or surrender in Viet Nam. But for two years I have been concerned that our course would not bring victory; would not bring peace; would not stop bloodshed; and would not advance the interests of the United States. I have been concerned that we could fight for a government which would not end its widespread corruption; would not make its best efforts in its own defense; and would watch as more American lives are lost. These brave men fighting this difficult war must know that we are vigorously pursuing an honorable peace."



"Rising crime rates and community violence are an intolerable threat to every American, black or white. A violent few cannot be permitted to threaten the well being of the many. We must wipe this stain of violence from our land.


"But punishment is not prevention. We will reestablish our domestic tranquility only when we resume our march toward full constitutional justice -- so that every American citizen has a fair chance at a job and an education and a decent place to live."



"We must begin to bring the talents, skill and resources of the private enterprise system into the struggle to end poverty and deprivation, in urban and rural America. Government must join in a partnership with industry, permitting private enterprise to help solve the problems of housing and unemployment in our deprived areas."



"Agriculture is the root of our economic strength, with twice the workers and four times the assets of any other industry -- yet more and more farmers are being forced off the land. In parts of America, farm income is one-third to one-fourth off. We must bring greater income to farmers and provide realistic credit in adequate amounts, especially for the small farmer and the young man beginning an agricultural life."



"We must reform the flagrant tax loopholes which enable too many Americans to escape their fair share of the cost of shaping our nation's destiny."



"We must close the gaps between black and white, rich and poor, young and old in this country and around the world.

I run for the Presidency because I want the United States of America to stand for hope instead of despair, for the reconciliation of men instead of the growing risk of world war.


"These are not ordinary times, and this is not an ordinary election. At stake is not simply the leadership of our party or even our country -- it is our right to moral leadership on this planet."


“I am concerned about our country’s future, not only as a citizen, but as a father.”


“These are not ordinary times and this is not an ordinary election...I need your hand and your help.”


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