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George Romney for President 1968 Campaign Brochure

‘Profile: George Romney’


This is George Romney, Republican


Cleaned up a money mess.


Governor George Romney brought Michigan back from financial ruin. The state was over $100 million in the red; state employees were experiencing "payless paydays." George Romney cleaned up this Democratic mess. He applied business efficiency to state agencies. He reversed the business and industrial exodus from Michigan. He restored his state's reputation for fiscal responsibility. George Romney put Michigan in the black and expanded state services without raising taxes. Today, he's continuing his fight for tax reform and financial integrity in his state and nation.


Faith in America's youth.


Understanding the "Youth Revolution" in this country, George Romney offers ideas and programs for the meaningful involvement of young people in our society. Under his leadership, educational opportunities have increased, including a new state scholarship program now assisting over 15,000 college students. Local schools and colleges are receiving unprecedented support in terms of state finances. Junior colleges and job training have been emphasized. George Romney has sponsored youth programs in the Republican Party and has proven his appeal to younger voters calling for a New Generation of Progress.


Active role in international affairs.


As far back as 20 years ago, George Romney was leading U.S. delegations to UN-sponsored, international labor-management conferences. At Senator Arthur Vandenberg's request, he followed John Foster Dulles as lead-off witness in testifying before Congress for the Marshall Plan. From 1954 to 1961 George Romney led and revitalized American Motors Corporation an international company. Having lived abroad as a youth, he has since travelled extensively in Europe, Latin America and Asia as both a businessman and public official. During a 1965 trade mission to Europe, he proposed a radical revision in American foreign aid programs by "a grand alliance for progress sharing." He has also, urged more economic development aid "in the form of private investment, rather than governmental handouts." Today George Romney warns against mushrooming international commitments and the failure of America's leaders to be "frank, open and straightforward with the people."


Citizens who want good government have to work for it.


"Sure we need professionals. Sure we need welfare programs. Sure government has an important role. But there is no substitute for one human being who cares enough about another human being to go out and help him." George Romney put this belief into action in Michigan. He led the successful citizen drive that got a new constitution for Michigan. As Governor, he holds Thursday morning sessions with individuals. He has set up the state Human Resources Council to stimulate thousands of volunteers to help their fellow citizens. (A major success of this plan is the 7500-member college student volunteer movement now helping underprivileged children). George Romney believes our greatest problem is the breakdown of personal, family and private institutional responsibility. He believes that much more can be done to solve this problem through increased voluntary action.


Dynamic equal opportunities record.


George Romney has always believed in equal rights for all citizens, and his record of action is unchallenged. No one has demonstrated more conclusively his refusal to compromise on this basic American principle. In 1962 he helped write the provision for the country's only constitutionally established state Civil Rights Commission. As Governor, George Romney fought for and obtained appropriations to make the new Commission more effective. Under his leadership, Michigan is a leader in providing equal opportunities to all, in employment housing, education and public accommodations.


Proven administrator.


George Romney is one of the few men in public life today who is a proven and successful administrator. He has headed a voluntary association; a major corporation; a political party; citizens groups; and a state. He has taken the leadership in providing the reforms to strengthen state and local governments-through-adoption-of a new state constitution. As Governor, he streamlined the entire executive branch from 140 agencies to 19 departments. He has applied efficiency, economy, and modern administrative techniques in providing services for the people of Michigan. Here is one man who knows how to get results in the American system.


Built a strong Republican Party.


The Republican Party in Michigan was a shrinking minority when George Romney first ran for office. By appealing to the broad base of Michigan voters he piled up increasing margins in 3 victorious elections. This popularity spread to other Republican candidates. In 1966, George Romney led the GOP to a near sweep of state and national offices. This included the election of Michigan's first Republican United; States Senator in 14 years. As George Romney says about the future of the Republican Party in Michigan, "We are making inroads everywhere."


Governor George Romney is a man of action.


George Romney took over American Motors on the verge of bankruptcy and made it a strong competitor again. At the same time, he was working to pull the Detroit school system out of a financial mess. Believing in local control of education, Romney helped put across a $60 million bond issue, and a $30 million tax package, which enabled Detroit schools to keep pace with community needs. During World War II he headed the Automotive Council for War Production: the greatest industrial, cooperative wartime effort in history. In 1959 George Romney took the lead in organizing citizen support for a badly needed new state constitution. As Governor, George Romney applied sound management to state spending. He not only increased state services, he cleaned up the financial mess that had made Michigan the laughing stock of the nation. Governor Romney was fighting for laws to halt air and water pollution before they ever became national issues; he also helped pass legislation giving industries tax credits for investing in pollution control equipment. Michigan is now ahead in the fight to end the pollution blight. George Romney bought state aid to cities to the highest level in Michigan history. He also helped create the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. "I am against discrimination of any kind," Romney has repeatedly said, "and my record proves it." The National Governors Conference has recognized Romney's leadership abilities by appointing him to study its most pressing problem: getting  fair share of federal tax dollars. George Romney also represents Republican Governors on the National Republican Coordinating Committee. George Romney and his wife Lenore have worked hard for their state for 28 years. Their commitment to putting an end to "ineffectual and selfish politics" has been heartily applauded by the voters. One practical effect of their dedication has been a resurgence of the Republican Party in Michigan. The Romney's have been married since 1931. They have two sons, two daughters, and nine grandchildren.


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