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Hubert H. Humphrey for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

Hubert H. Humphrey for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

‘The People’s Democrat’


How he stands...


... on Jobs: Over five million unemployed Americans need work -- not unemployment compensation, not endless training, not welfare. That's why I've proposed one million community development jobs, retraining of highly skilled unemployed, a national domestic development bank, urban revitalization and greater private investment opportunities to create jobs.


... on Tax Reform: The time has come for tax justice. We must say to the super rich, big Business and the bankers: you must pay your fair share. We must close the loopholes and reform income and payroll taxes. And, we must relieve the heavy property tax burden from the farmer and the home owner.


... on Cost of Living: Republican price controls are a failure. Food, medical costs, appliance repairs, car and transportation costs are going up. We need a fair control system to protect the consumer. Price violators must be prosecuted.


. . . on Peace: Our military involvement in Southeast Asia should be terminated at once. It's time for total military withdrawal, to obtain peace and to bring POWs and MlAs home. We also must reduce sharply our American military installations overseas.


... on Civil and Human Rights: We can only move forward as one people, not as a divided nation. We cannot turn back the clock on such civil rights as voting and equal employment opportunities.


... on Youth: We must bring the youth of America into the mainstream of politics and government. As President I will create an office of youth affairs with a cabinet-level chairman to bring youth into government. I have proposed a new national service corps Americans For Domestic Development.


... on Environment: Every American has a right to clean air, pure water and unravaged land. Environmental protection takes strong government enforcement and commitment from industry and consumer. The choice is not pollution or progress. It's planned and controlled growth.


... on Education: Quality education means integrated education, modern facilities, increased Federal spending to cover at least one-third of state costs, equalization of state spending among school districts, a Federal educational trust fund and local control of schools.


... on Farm Income The American farmer has suffered long enough. We need a return to supply-management type farm commodity programs: a program of national reserve inventories for crops; legislation to strengthen the farmer's bargaining power in the market place and adequate farm credit.


. . . on Crime and Drug Abuse: We must fight the enemy within -- crime and drug traffic. I've proposed a five-point drug cure and control program. We need court and prison reforms, well-equipped police departments, insurance for firemen and policemen and Federal penalties for killing law enforcement officers.


... on Needs for All Our Citizens:


* 25 percent increase in social security payments


* A National Health Security Plan


* An independent consumer protection agency


* An expanded GI Bill for Vietnam Veterans


* Equal rights for women


* National system of developmental day care centers


* Welfare reform

No other candidate for President can bring to the electorate such a qualified, unequaled record of dedicated public service of doing things for people…


Mayor of Minneapolis 1945-48

United States Senator 1948-64

Senate Majority Whip 1961-64

Vice President United States 1964-69

Democratic Nominee for President 1968

United States Senator 1970-Present


"Hubert Horatio his latter years in the Senate was, without much doubt, the most effectively imaginative legislator on the hill. It is the name HUMPHREY that is signed, Hancock size, across Medicare, the Peace Corps, the Atomic Test Ban Treaty…"


(Eric Sevareid CBS-TV News Broadcast Jan 10, 1972)




Peace Corps

Youth Conservation Corps


Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

1964 Civil Rights Act

United States Disarmament Agency

Job Corps

Food for Peace Program

Federal Scholarship Program


Council of Youth Opportunity

Municipal Fair Employment Act




Comprehensive Manpower Act to Create Jobs

Community Coalition for a Clean Environment

River Basin Treatment Authorities Act

Environmental Savings Bond and Trust Fund

Rural and Urban Development Bank Acts

Humphrey-Reuss Revenue Sharing Bill

Dairy Price Support Gilt

Citrus Marketing Act

Strategic Grain Reserve Act

National Growth Act

National Voter Registration Act

Social Security Reform Act

Comprehensive Home Health Care Act

Citizens Committee to Study Congress

Tax Expenditures Awareness Act

Joint Congressional Committee on National Security

Tax Relief and Reform Amendments

Universe Free School Lunch Act

Drug Cure and Control Authority Act

Transportation Improvement Act

End the War Amendments

Equal Rights Amendment

National Child Development Act

Food Stamp Reform

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


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