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Richard Nixon for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

Richard Nixon for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

‘The Record’


The Economy:

President Nixon has taken strong action to flatten inflation and increase employment. He initiated a 90 day wage-price freeze, followed by more flexible controls, and introduced a package of tax cuts to stimulate the economy. The inflation rate has been cut in half, and the Gross National Product has expanded at a yearly rate of over 7%. Housing starts are up 42% over last year.


The Environment:

President Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency, the first Federal unit ever set up to protect our quality of life. He has increased funding for environmental improvement by over 500% and initiated a Legacy of Parks program to bring increased recreational opportunities to cities. No less than 25 separate environment bills have been proposed by him.


Young Americans:

President Nixon has signed into law the bill giving 18 year-olds the right to vote...overhauled the selective service system with the goal of establishing an all-volunteer army...and has proposed an education program that would guarantee a college education to all who qualify, and vocational education training for those who do not wish to attend college.


Foreign Policy:

President Nixon went to Moscow in May of this year, where he negotiated agreements with the Soviet Union to limit development of antiballistic missile systems, jointly explore space, and combat the diseases plaguing mankind. In March, he visited -- Peking where he made a start toward improving relations between the U.S. And the People's Republic of China. The President has called a halt to crisis diplomacy, seeking to reduce tension in such troubled areas as the Middle East.


Revenue Sharing:

In order to relieve the burden of taxes at the State and local level -- property, sales, income and other taxes -- the President has proposed a program to make more monies available to local governments by sharing a portion of Federal revenues with them. Offered with no strings attached, this program promises to encourage problem-solving at the local level where many of the problems are.



The President's vigorous law-enforcement policies have cut the increase in the nation's serious crime rate to 1% in the first quarter of this year. Eighty (over half) of our major cities have actual decreases in crime, and Washington, D.C. has achieved a 30% decrease over last year alone. This has been made possible by President Nixon's program of increased aid to states and localities.


Older Americans:

President Nixon has submitted proposals to Congress which have increased Social Security benefits to the nation's elderly by more than one-third from 1969 to this year -- a greater increase than in any period in history of similar length The President has also advanced programs to noble more of the elderly to live in their own homes, and to improve nursing care and increase jobs for these same citizens.


Health Care:

President Nixon has earmarked massive amounts of money to find a cure for cancer and sickle cell anemia. Federal outlays for health care and research in 1973 will reach $25.5 billion, and the President has proposed a National Health Insurance Standards Act, a Family Health Insurance Plan, and the National Health Education Foundation, all aiming at better health care for EVERYONE.



The President has won agreement from Turkey to place a total ban on The growing of opium poppy...made an agreement with France to assist in halting the traffic of drugs...and stepped up arrests of pushers. He is spending 6 times more for rehabilitation and 5 times more for drug education than ever before. Combined, these actions are finally turning the tide against the drug scourge.



The President has done everything in his power to bring peace to Vietnam without sacrificing the South Vietnamese in the process. He has brought home 500,000 men...reduced casualties by 98%...and cut spending by two-thirds. As this is written, strong steps are being taken to he enemy to get the enemy to cease its aggression and make peace.


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