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Shirley Chisholm for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

Shirley Chisholm for President 1972 Campaign Brochure






Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm has announced her candidacy for the presidency. She has come to the decision to run without consulting any political bosses.


Her support comes from the millions of Americans who shun the political clubhouses but believe that our political system can survive.


No special interest groups will contribute to her campaign. So the success of her

candidacy depends upon people like you.


The unbossed and the unbought.




In the field of contenders for the office of president of the United States there is one candidate that stands out as different. Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm is that candidate.


The real difference that makes her stand out is not that she is a woman, and a Black Woman at that, but that this dynamic woman is a catalyst that can bring together the responsive women, the struggling minorities, the poor and the young who see in her a new hope for our system.


Combining a brilliant intellect with a profound compassion, Mrs. Chisholm has blazed trails where others now follow.




She brought the fight for women's rights to Washington and was a sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment.


Co-sponsored legislation to establish a nationwide system of day care centers and supports a minimum annual income of $6,500 for a family of 4.


Supports withdrawal of all American military influence from southeast Asia.


Co-sponsored legislation to repeal the draft and establish a volunteer army.


Has voted against all money bills for the military and will continue to do so until priorities are reversed.


She has voted against MIRV and ABM.


She is against aid to undemocratic nations such as Greece and Spain.


Recognizing the profound danger in such measures, Mrs. Chisholm has vigorously opposed infringements of liberties represented by a No Knock Law, preventive detention, wiretapping and domestic spying.


Her active concern for veterans has led her to push for jobs and benefits in this area.


Co-sponsored legislation to give fuller tax benefits to the unmarried.


She is a leader in Consumer Protection.


She has fought for badly needed Congressional reform, i.e., chairmanships based on ability, not age, and a mandatory retirement age (65).


To crush the illegal drug traffic, Shirley Chisholm advocated ending foreign aid to nations who will not make an effort to stop the drug flow.




That a second-term congresswoman should be so outspoken is remarkable.


That she should be able to effect the changes she has is incredible.


But Shirley Chisholm is an incredible American.


She has opened the door to the system and with skill and courage has proven that our system is responsive to change.


A coalition has formed behind Shirley Chisholm.


Groups that alone could hardly be heard but together will make a mighty roar.


From the underdog in a three way race for the 12th congressional district, Shirley Chisholm has risen to a greatly respected national figure in three years.


When given an assignment to sit on the House Agriculture Committee Congresswoman Chisholm rebelled. There is very little agriculture in Brooklyn.


With the kind of courage that has come to be characteristic of her, Shirley Chisholm took on the awesome House Rules Committee...and won.


She now sits on the House Education and Labor Committee, an assignment that allows her to combine her interests and experience with the critical needs of her constituents.


What she has won above all her other victories, is the profound admiration of millions of Americans.


Millions of dedicated, hard-working people who know that changes can be made.


Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm for President


A dynamic force for responsible change.


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