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George Wallace for President 1972 Campaign Brochure

George Wallace for President 1972 Campaign Brochure



America Needs Strong, Courageous Leadership


Only Wallace expresses the real thoughts of the vast majority of our citizens.


George Wallace has won the support of the people for sparking the only new inquiries into forced busing, tax-exempt foundations, inequities in the tax-load, welfare loafing and foreign giveaways.


George Wallace won acclaim from farmers for his sensible approach to their problems. He says the American farmers have been the victims of the most promises and the recipients of the least performance of any segment of our society.


George Wallace best understands the needs and aspirations of the labor movement and has fought for labor legislation for the last 20 years. He is called the best friend of working people ever to serve as an Alabama governor.


George Wallace believes our older citizens are entitled to a better standard of living and to increased Social Security benefits. He believes that persons on Social Security should be able to earn at least $3,000 a year without jeopardizing their benefits.


George Wallace is a devoted husband and father. There are six children in the Wallace family from grade school through college. It's natural that he has a deep young interest in young people.


George Wallace has consistently shown a deep understanding of the people's needs and wants. His unique abilities, experience and dedication will enable him to become a great President at a time when America needs courageous concerned leadership most.


His record for veterans, young people, older citizens, working people, farmers...everyday folks in all walks of life...proves that he will stand up for their real thinking and America as our next President.




Here is where George Wallace stands on issues that concern America and Americans. Peace through strength. Superior offensive and defensive capabilities of our military forces second to none. Then we will always be in a position to negotiate with our enemies.


A continuation of a viable space program which is tied directly to national defense.


A fair tax system that levies taxes on the multi-million and multi-billion dollar foundations which are now virtually tax exempt, whose purposes are other than strictly charitable. The levying of taxes upon the estimated 150 billion dollars' worth of church commercial property now in competition with businesses and industries in our free enterprise system.


A reduction in taxes for the individual and businesses and industry to be replaced with revenues from those now evading taxes through special laws passed in their special interest. This will put people back to work because the demand for consumer goods by individuals will stimulate production activity. This should be of the highest priority. Get people back to work.


Protection of the Social security trust fund from other uses so that pensions can be raised and social security taxes reduced on individuals and those whose incomes are low.


The discontinuance of foreign aid programs except where determined to be in our national interest. No foreign aid to Communist countries or those countries who aid Communists.


Continued withdrawal from Vietnam and never again commit American troops to fight in a no win war. No recognition of Castro Cuba.


Curtailment of Federal spending bring about a balanced budget.


A farm program that will not have the farmer at the bottom of the economic ladder as he is now.


The restoration of our maritime fleet to the position of No. 1 in the world.


A return to law and order. Action by the Federal Government in its proper role in cooperation with the States and political subdivisions to make it safe to walk on the streets of the cities of our nation for the curtailment of other criminal activities and 100% support for the law enforcement personnel and firemen of the nation.


The appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court who will not decree their own political, social and economic philosophy into court-made law.


A reasonable welfare program for those who are disabled and blind and handicapped and for the elderly but a curtailment of welfare programs that are designed to pay able-bodied individuals not to work.


The return to local control of public education on a nondiscriminatory basis. A return to freedom of choice and the neighborhood school concept. A complete halt to involuntary busing to achieve any sort of balance and the reopening of schools now closed under Federal Court orders, HEW departmental regulations and/or by action of the Justice Department where such openings are desired by the citizens and officials of the States and/or local school districts.





Only Wallace has gone to the people




* is a much decorated combat veteran of World War II.


* is widely respected for his scholarship (many honorary degrees) and his outstanding knowledge and interpretation of constitutional law.


* broke all vote-getting records as a candidate for governor and has served as assistant attorney general, legislator, judge and twice as governor with wide praise from the people.


* was selected as one of the nation's most admired men.


* is taking his program only to the people and asking rank and file citizens to serve in his campaign.


“I ask you to join me in this great adventure for freedom and the future”




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