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Jimmy Carter for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

Jimmy Carter for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

‘For America’s third century, why not our best?’


"Our whole system depends on trust. The only way I know to be trusted is to be trustworthy. To be open, direct and honest. It's as simple as that.”


Jimmy Carter believes that secrecy has caused distrust of government at all levels. Americans are sick of half-truths and shallow promises. They want a President who will state the facts, be accessible to the people and responsive to their needs.


"Our nation now has no understandable national purpose, no clearly-defined goals, and no organizational mechanism to develop or achieve such purposes or goals. We move from one crisis to the next as if they were fads, even though the previous one hasn't been solved.”


Jimmy Carter believes our national government has floundered in chaos long enough. Instead of hit-and-miss reactions to problems, we need to join forces with the business, scientific and professional communities to use available knowledge and commitment to meet future challenges. We must establish clear long-range national goals in every realm of human life.


"When a business executive can charge off a $50 luncheon on a tax return and a truck driver can't deduct his $1.50 sandwich -- when oil companies often pay less than 5% tax on their earnings while employees of the company pay at least three times this rate -- when many pay no taxes on income of more than $100,000 -- basic tax reform is necessary."


Jimmy Carter believes that our federal tax system is a disgrace. Loopholes must be plugged!


"Americans by nature are sensitive to the needs of others. But we're also sensible. We realize that no government program can help unless it's carefully planned, carefully budgeted and carefully administered."


Jimmy Carter knows that the average American is fed up with footing the bill for high-flown, unplanned bureaucratic schemes which fail to deliver effective, services. Americans are generous, but they don't want to see their taxes wasted in administrative follies while the needs of the people go unmet.  As Governor, Jimmy proved that the government can be both compassionate and efficient.


"We can't sellout our people's interests for short-range benefits."


Jimmy Carter believes that with bold and competent leadership we can solve our economic problems. However, the average taxpayers shouldn't have to pay the full price for relieving inflation. They've already paid too much.


"The President must ensure that quality education, highly individualized to suit the student's own needs, is available to every child"


 As the father of a seven-year-old daughter who attends public schools, Jimmy Carter is acutely aware of the need for quality education in our country. He believes that we can never fulfill our obligations to future generations unless they can develop their own talents and can manage and direct their own lives.


"The energy we waste daily in this country could probably completely supply the needs of some other countries."


Jimmy Carter believes that conservation is a required first step in solving the energy problem. At the same time, we must establish long-range energy policies and decide how we can meet our needs through recycling, proper exploration, research and development, and equitable distribution. We must break our vulnerable dependence on foreign supplies.


"Businesses should not be put in the position of having to seek special favors in order to be competitive."


Jimmy Carter has observed that many honest business people are afraid that their competitors will get an unfair advantage from government, so they ask a public official for special compensations. In doing so, they help to corrupt the same government they despise for being unfair. This is a self-perpetuating cycle which can and must be broken.


"It is totally unreasonable to expect the farmer to continue to pay the consumers for the privilege of feeding them; and it is just as unreasonable to expect consumers to pay cheerfully for bureaucratic blunders and exorbitant middleman profits when they go to the supermarket."


A farmer himself, Jimmy Carter knows that consumers depend upon a strong and stable agricultural economy. Government policy should be fair, understandable and predictable, established by enlightened farmers themselves and not by isolated "experts."


"As a former military man, I'm acutely aware of the importance of a strong national defense. At the same time, I've seen at first hand great opportunities for more effectiveness and efficiency in our military program."


The paramount national purpose must be peace, and the reduction of nuclear armaments and military spending by ourselves and by our political enemies.


Biography of Jimmy Carter


In 1946, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter realized a lifelong dream of graduating from the Naval Academy. He was chosen for the nuclear submarine program under Admiral Hyman Rickover.


When they met, the Admiral grilled young Carter for three hours about his schooling. Finally, Rickover looked him in the eye and voiced a question he asks all his officers, " Did you do your best?"


Jimmy Carter started to say yes, but finally admitted that the answer was no. After a long pause, the Admiral said, "Why not?" Why not? Why not the best?


Jimmy Carter had no answer. But in every task he's undertaken since then, Jimmy has given nothing less.


 Admiral Rickover inspired people to reach for a higher level of achievement. He realized what many seem to forget  -- that we have an untapped potential for greatness.


Within each of us is the innate goodness, integrity, wisdom and unselfish commitment on which America was founded.


Politicians have grossly underestimated these qualities. Too often Americans have been treated as "subjects" incapable of thinking for ourselves. Our nation has suffered as a result.


As we look toward our country's third century, we face the challenge of developing our potential. Now is the time for each of us to ask, "Why not our best?" for ourselves and our country, Now is the time to lift ourselves above mediocrity and fulfill the highest ambitions to which America aspires.


Jimmy Carter was born in 1924 in Plains, Georgia, where his ancestors had lived and farmed for almost 150 years. His values were rooted there, and when Jimmy returned in 1953, he thought he had come home to stay.


The Carters -- Rosalynn, Jimmy and their three sons -- moved into a government housing project. On a shoestring, Jimmy started a seed and farming cooperative.


His involvement in community affairs and concern for education eventually led him into politics. Serving first on local school and hospital boards' Jimmy progressed to the state Senate before running for Governor.


At the factory shifts, the warehouses, the supermarkets, Jimmy Carter took his hard-fought campaign to the people. No big money backed him; no political bosses threw support his way. But the people recognized a man who would speak up for them. His landslide victory was one of the largest popular votes in the state's history.


In his inaugural address, Governor Carter confirmed Georgians' faith in him by declaring: "I say to you quite frankly that the time for racial discrimination is over. Our people have already made this major and difficult decision. No poor, rural, weak or black person should ever again have to bear the additional burden of being deprived of an opportunity for an education, a job or simple justice"


Carter's term was characterized by his fairness, compassion and belief that government should be open and responsive.


In education, conservation and pollution control, industrial development, judicial and penal reform, consumer protection and mental health care, Jimmy Carter proved that people programs can work.


Fighting opposition from lobbyists and special interests, he brought tight business management to government, streamlined state bureaucracies and increased services without increasing taxes.


In his travels, Jimmy has learned that people across the country are searching for candidates with fresh ideas for government and politics.


On our two hundredth anniversary, it's right that we return to the principles on which this nation was founded. It's right that we have a government that serves instead of uses. It's right that we look to a new leader with unquestioned integrity who shares with, our founders a trust in God and respect for fairness. It's right that we expect and accept only the best.


In every person there is a wide range of motivations. We feel fear, doubt, insecurity and prejudice on the one hand, and hope, compassion, confidence and understanding on the other. A President can emphasize these characteristics. He can express either the lowest common denominator, or he can demand and inspire the highest possible standards among our people.


Let's meet our third century with the best that's within us. Elect Jimmy Carter President.


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