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Eugene McCarthy for President 1976 Campign Brochure

Eugene McCarthy for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

‘The White House belongs to you...

Rent it to Gene McCarthy in ‘76!’




It does not help very much to have a President who deals with yesterday's problems in yesterday's terms. We need someone who can deal with today and tomorrow. Gene McCarthy can.          


Here are his proposals on major issues facing the country-


JOBS: "We must create jobs for the unemployed by shortening the work week or the work year. It is time to make full employment more than a distant goal or theory. It is time to make it a reality."


INFLATION: "Americans have been overconsuming, overspending, and overborrowing. Yet our economy can meet the needs of the country without the inflation such habits cause. To combat inflation, I advocate selective credit controls; limited and conditional wage price controls; and an end to wasteful, inflationary spending in the automobile industry and in military and space programs."


ENERGY: "The United States is not really suffering from an energy crisis. We and our cars are the greatest overconsumers of fuel in the history of the world. We need excise taxes to discourage production of large cars. We also need positive regulation of the weight, speed, and fuel consumption of automobiles."


DISARMAMENT: "The United States must take initiatives to end the nuclear arms race, a contest which is dangerous and irrational. There is no excuse for continued stockpiling of nuclear bombs when we already have enough to destroy the USSR many times over."


CITIZENS' RIGHTS: "Both government and private agencies have infringed upon Americans' personal and political rights by such practices as spying, wiretapping, bugging, and improper disclosure of personal records. These practices must be ended; the Bill of Rights must be sustained."





-Eugene McCarthy grew up in rural Minnesota; his father was a farmer and cattle dealer. McCarthy attended St. John's University, where he captained the hockey team, played on the baseball team -- and graduated with honors in three years' time. He has farmed in Minnesota; taught high school in Minnesota and North Dakota; and taught college in Minnesota, New York, and Maryland.


-McCarthy served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 10 years. In the House he sought aid for farmers and for migrant workers as a member of the Agriculture Committee and worked for tax reform as a member of the Ways and Means Committee. He was also a founder of the Democratic Study Group, which in its early days was called "McCarthy's Mavericks."


-McCarthy served in the United States Senate for 12 years. His work in the Senate included service on the Agriculture, Finance, and Foreign Relations Committees.

He also chaired the Special Committee on Unemployment Problems, which made many proposals adopted by the Congress.


-As early as 1954, McCarthy called for better supervision of the CIA. In the 1960s. he was among the first to call for limits on American arms sales around the world. His courageous opposition to the war in Vietnam helped turn America against the war.


-Long before it was popular, McCarthy was chief sponsor in the Senate of the Equal Rights Amendment. He has fought for the rights of minorities and of the poor. And he has championed the cause of the unemployed.




McCarthy believes that the two-party system is an idea whose time has gone. He says that the Democratic and Republican parties "are beginning to pay the penalty of incompetence. We have had a bipartisan war, bipartisan economic failures, and abuse of the Bill of Rights under both parties."


So McCarthy is an independent candidate for the presidency. Free of party machines and party failures, he goes directly to the people for nomination. He seeks ballot status through petition campaigns in the fifty states and the District of Columbia. The number of signatures required varies from 300 in North Dakota to 100,000 or more in a few states.


McCarthy has promised to name -- during the campaign -- persons he will appoint to major Cabinet offices and to the Supreme Court if he is elected to the presidency. He challenges other presidential candidates to do the same. He thinks that "voters have a right to know who the Attorney General and the Secretary of State will be. They have a right to know whether a prospective Secretary of the Treasury knows anything about economics and government finances."


McCarthy believes that the presidency "belongs to the country and to the people more than does any other political office." He says that a President "must understand that the potential for leadership in a free country exists in every citizen. Sensing the will of the people, he must be prepared to move out ahead so that the people can follow, giving direction to the country and guiding it, largely by way of setting people free."


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