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Gerald Ford for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

Gerald Ford for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

‘President Ford  ‘76’


"My fellow Americans. Our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works.

Our great republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here, the people rule..."

President Ford's Inaugural Address August 9, 1974.


It was a new beginning, a fresh start. President Ford began the work of healing a troubled nation by making the White House accessible to the leaders of Congress, to the press, to the people.


He promised an administration that would communicate and cooperate. He addressed the nation from the Capitol and said: "We've got a lot of work to do. Let's get on with it."


He rolled up his sleeves and got on with it.


The Hard Road to Recovery

The problems he faced were immense. Inflation was climbing at a frightening rate. Unemployment was rising daily in what seemed to be an uncontrollable spiral. Jobs were scarce, and our growing loss of confidence around the nation was eroding the economy.


Turning the nation's economy around became the President's first task  and, before the end of eighteen months in office, President Ford succeeded in putting the country back on track.


Inflation has been reduced, from a staggering 12 percent in 1974 to annualized rate about 7 percent in 1975.


Unemployment has been reduced and over one million more Americans are working today than six months ago. In the spring of 1975, 310,000 new jobs were created through a public service program.


President Ford knows that short-term public employment programs often delay the real solution to unemployment problems. He has directed his efforts toward curbing inflation, stimulating private industry, and aiming for long-term, permanent results. In the end, such newly-created jobs in private industry will provide better income and more permanent jobs than temporary public works programs.


The struggle to keep America on a solid economic course is not over. President Ford is committed to a strategy of steady progress toward increased employment while keeping the lid on inflation.


Clearly, recovery is under way.


Curbing Federal Spending

President Ford's actions have been bold and deliberate. He vetoed 44 bills submitted by Congress that would have burdened taxpayers with billions of dollars in excess of his budget.


Time after time, he refused to throw dollars at problems. He saved the taxpayers some $6.8 billion in the 94th Congress and $462 million in the, 93rd


He challenged Congress to join him in restraining excessive federal spending by keeping a $395 billion ceiling on 1977 expenditures. He fought for a cut of $28 billion in order to provide a $28 billion tax cut...a tax savings of $412 for a family of four making $14,000. When Congress failed to include a provision for controlled federal spending, he vetoed the bill as promised and sent it back. The result: Congress accepted his firm stand and put through the tax cut, acknowledging the importance of budgetary restraint.


Resisting numerous pressures, President Ford has stood fast on irresponsible spending. Consistently and almost single handedly, he has said "No" to excessive federal spending bills.


Creating a New Energy Program

President Ford has said that he will not sit by and watch Congress and special interest groups continue to talk about an energy crisis and then do nothing about it.


He proposed an energy program that will give us energy independence by 1985.

Throughout 1975 he worked long and hard with Congress to create a comprehensive national energy policy resulting in the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

The Act provides for a stabilization of gasoline prices, emergency reserves for use in the event of another oil embargo, mandatory gasoline efficiency standards for all automobiles by 1980 and seeks increases in domestic oil production.


This Act is only the first step, the President has said, and it is not a total solution. Indeed, more comprehensive legislation is required by the Congress. He has pressed Congress to draft additional energy laws which will permit production of oil from Naval Petroleum Reserves and deregulate new natural gas for greater consumer use.


Determined to find new sources of energy, the President has signed the Energy Research and Development Administration into law which provides for creation of alternative energy supplies such as solar and geothermal energy.


Making Government Responsive to All Americans

One of President Ford's deepest concerns is improving the quality of life for older Americans.


President Ford is committed to preserving the integrity of the Social Security system. He firmly believes there should not be a ceiling on cost-of-living increases in 1976 as his Administration continues its fight against inflation. Our older citizens must not be made to bear the brunt of this battle.


In addition, the President has called for long-range programs to aid the millions of older Americans who have made and are continuing to make significant contributions to our Nation.


To better protect the earnings of older citizens which are all too often threatened by soaring health care costs, President Ford is fighting for comprehensive catastrophic health protection.


President Ford has said it is time for law to protect the rights of the people it exists to protect...the victims, not the criminals.


He authorized extension of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration which allows up to $6.8 billion of federal aid to fight crime at state and local levels.


He asked for specific sentencing, which must be carried out, of persons convicted of a violent federal crime.


Progress Toward Peace

From the beginning, President Ford has taken a strong hand in foreign affairs. With his 25 years of experience in Congress, he has pursued a strong, realistic foreign policy. The President sees the world as it is, and knows the reality of negotiating from strength.


He moved quickly, decisively to rescue the crew of the seized Mayaguez.


He met with the leaders of both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict and taking a firm leadership role, helped bring about the September Sinai agreement.


He has worked from the position of strength to keep brushfire wars from breaking out into global conflicts.


He reestablished strong European ties that form the NATO alliance.


He gave new meaning to detente. As President, he said, "To me detente means a fervent desire for peace, but not peace at any price."


More than anyone he realizes that detente is a two-way street.


In the hard give-and-take at the world's conference tables, he has established his credentials as a leader in the search for peace


A Time for Action and Accomplishment

President Ford has shown himself to be a man of decision, a man, of courage, a man of compassion.


His record is open. His honesty and plain speaking are matters of personal pride.


He has, above all else restored trust in the Presidency.


He has taken our economy out of the doldrums and put it back on track.


Today, there are no Americans fighting other nation's wars.


Beyond all partisan considerations, he is committed to doing what is right for all Americans.


He is the President of all the American people.

This is why President Gerald R. Ford should be returned to office as President in 1976.


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