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George Wallace for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

George Wallace for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

‘George C. Wallace has the courage America needs now.’


“Together, we will achieve a great new day for America.”

America cries out for leadership. All of us of all ages, races and colors yearn for the America we started out to build. We live in times of constant crises. Events beat against our happiness and our security like a hammer on an anvil.

These events seem to overwhelm our leaders. They offer little or nothing new in hope. Mostly we hear the same worn out answers that led us to the brink of disaster.

Our people cry out in anguish for truth. The kind of noble truth that can be trusted and tested in our daily lives. We need truth, a God-inspired truth, that will lead us to the right answers. The kind of truth that arms us with moral strength to heal America.  All of us know we can't go on in this storm of doubt and defeat. We must find a way to handle problems before they become crises. We must return happiness to the lives of our people. We must find a way to lift up America in the battles for survival, for security, for new greatness.

I run for President because I care about America. I love this land, our people, our traditions, our values. Like you, I am deeply concerned about the direction of our country. My only thought is to help bring about the changes that will heat what is troubling America so we can move on to the great victory that freedom offers.

We must move ahead. We must have concerned leadership. We must end the old politics. We must have a New Day for America. That new day can only come when government trusts the people and the people have reason to trust the government. We must unite America in a fresh new spirit, in a fresh new approach, in a new leadership that will benefit every man, woman and child in this land.

Join hands with me. Together we will achieve this great New Day for America. -George C. Wallace


George C. Wallace reflects the real thinking of citizens on meaningful things in our lives. He truly cares.

George C. Wallace has won the support of millions of Americans for sparking new inquiries into forced busing, tax-exempt foundations, inequities in the tax load, welfare loafing and foreign aid give-aways.

This outstanding American has been described as the leader most in touch with the heartbeat of the people. He has his hand on the pulse of their thoughts -- he is concerned -- he truly cares.

He stands for decency in our society.

He was raised by God-fearing parents who put values first. He believes in God, the church and prayer.

"Only with God's help and only with the power of prayer, was I able to overcome the long ordeal that began in Laurel, Maryland," he says. "I am alive today because of my faith in God and my belief in prayer."

Farmers have acclaimed his strong common sense approach to their problems. He says the American farmers have been the victims of the most promises and the recipients of the least performance of any segment of our society.

"We must take a whole new approach to the farmer. He is suffering today from inflation and high taxes, yet he can't make a decent living from his products. Food is our most important commodity. We are blessed with great agricultural knowhow. We must not allow the farmer to be abused. He is a mainstay of our whole economy," Wallace says.

As a  working man himself, as a former taxi driver and a truck driver, he knows the needs and aspirations of working people. He has fought for legislation for the working man and woman for the last 20 years. He is called the best friend of working people ever to serve as an Alabama governor.

A deep concern of George C. Wallace is the plight of our older citizens who are caught in a vise between rising prices and fixed income. "Old age doesn't have to be the end of the American dream," he says. He believes our older citizens are entitled to a better standard of living and to decent Social Security benefits. He believes, too, that persons on Social Security should be able to use their abilities and talents without jeopardizing their benefits.

George Wallace is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. There are six children in the Wallace family from grade school through adulthood. It's natural that he has a deep personal interest in young people and what they are thinking.

George Wallace has consistently shown a real understanding of the people's needs and wants through the years. His unique abilities, experience and dedication will enable him to be a great President at a time when America needs courageous, concerned leadership most.

His record for veterans, business people, young people, older citizens, working people, farmers ... everyday folks in all walks of life ... proves that he will speak up for their real thinking and America as our next President.

His words are his own. He touches the real thoughts of the people on issues.


Our country is faced with many crises. We need strong, concerned leadership with the courage to speak up for America. As our forefathers did. Leadership that really cares about average citizens.

Only George Wallace measures up as the kind of Democratic leader America needs in these most troubled times.

All it takes to change what is happening to America is one vote. Yours.

For George C. Wallace for President.




"We must return to common sense and decency it we are to find real answers."


NATIONAL DEFENSE ... Peace through strength. Superior offensive and defensive capabilities of our military forces second to none. Then we will always be a in position to negotiate with our enemies.


"Our Middle Class is being destroyed by runaway inflation and the tax load."


SPACE PROGRAM ... A continuation of a viable space program which is tied directly to national defense.

TAX SYSTEM ... A fair tax system that levies taxes on the multi-million and multi-billion dollar foundations which are now virtually tax charitable. The levying of taxes upon the estimated 150 billion dollars' worth of institutionalized commercial property now in competition with businesses and industries in our free enterprise system.

A reduction in taxes for the individual and businesses and industry to be replaced with revenues from those now evading taxes through special laws passed in their special interest. This will put people back to work because the demand for consumer goods by individuals will stimulate production activity. This should be of the highest priority. Get people back to work.


"Big Government must go home and get out of the lives and happiness of people."


SOCIAL SECURITY ... protection of the social security trust fund from other uses so that pensions can be raised and social security taxes reduced on individuals and those whose incomes are low.

FOREIGN AID ... The discontinuance of foreign aid programs except where determined to be in our national interest. No foreign aid to Communist countries or those countries who aid Communists.

COMMUNIST CUBA ... No recognition of Castro Cuba. A realistic approach to Central and South America.

DEFICIT SPENDING ... Curtailment of Federal spending, bring about a balanced budget.

AGRICULTURE ... A farm program that will not have the farmer at the bottom of the economic ladder as he is now.

MARITIME FLEET ... The restoration of our maritime fleet to the position of No. 1 in the world.

LAW AND ORDER ... A return to law and order. Action by the Federal Government in its proper role in cooperation with the States and political subdivisions to make it safe to walk on the streets of the cities of our nation, for the curtailment of other criminal activities and 100% support for the law enforcement personnel and firemen of the nation.

FEDERAL JUDGES ... The appointment of judges to the Supreme Court who will not decree their own political, social and economic philosophy into court-made law.


"'We must take the sting out of inflation by providing jobs for the jobless."


WELFARE ... A reasonable welfare program for those who are disabled and blind and handicapped and for the elderly but a curtailment of welfare programs that are designed to pay able-bodied individuals not to work.

FORCED BUSING ... The return to local control of public education on a nondiscriminatory basis. A return to freedom of choice and the neighborhood school concept. A complete halt to involuntary busing to achieve any sort of balance and the reopening of schools now closed under Federal Court orders, HEW departmental regulations and/or by action of the Justice Department where such openings are desired by the citizens and officials of the States and/or local school districts.


"I trust the people. They are right more times than the politicians. We must remove the cloak of secrecy that shuts out the people."'


HUMAN LIFE ... Support of a Constitutional Amendment which would represent the lives of unborn children and which would nullify the Supreme Court decision on abortions.

WOMENS RIGHTS ... Opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment but full rights to every woman. ERA takes away many rights that women now enjoy.

ENERGY ... A realistic energy policy now to provide long range planning in energy conservation and a total reevaluation of our energy sources, production and distribution. A first priority program to make the U.S. energy self-sufficient.

ENVIRONMENT ... Effective environmental controls to provide clean water, clean air, and clean land. Immediate programs to improve life in the inner city. Full long range study of environmental economics so that planning will be more realistic.

GUN CONTROL ... Opposition to gun control laws. Gun control laws take guns away from the law-abiding citizens and the criminals will have them anyway.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS ... Overhauling our foreign policy so that we will end the constant blunders of the last 25 years A policy that would build a "will to resist" among our allies. Negotiations without confrontations but never fall prey to peace at any price.


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