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Bob Dole for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

Bob Dole for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

‘My concern is to let America be America again…to get away from building the federal budget and the federal bureaucracy and get back to building the nation.’


Principles and Solutions


The Economy.

Throughout his eighteen-year Congressional career, Senator Dole has been a forceful advocate of federal spending restraint, lower federal taxes, and less government regulation. As Senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, his is a consistent and strong voice for a balanced federal budget, for "indexation" of the income tax laws to protect taxpayers from inflation-induced tax increases, and for mandatory limits on federal spending.


National Defense and International Affairs.

A strong proponent of peace through strength, Senator Dole is a major Congressional supporter of a strong military and full funding for veterans programs. He opposed ratification of the Panama Canal Treaties.


Farmers and Ranchers.

A member of Congressional agriculture committees throughout his Congressional career, Senator Dole is the principal Republican spokesman on farm policy in the Senate. The author of several major pieces of farm legislation, he is regarded as one of American agriculture's best informed Senators.


Health Care and Nutrition.

As Senior Republican on the Health and Nutrition Subcommittees, Senator Dole is a leading Senate spokesman on health and nutrition matters. He is the author of the food stamp reform act and principal sponsor of catastrophic national health insurance legislation which will ensure that no family faces financial ruin because of serious or long-term illness.


The Energy Crisis.

As Chairman of the Senate Republican Task Force on Energy and Senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Dole has worked diligently for national energy policies which will make America self-sufficient in energy. A strong proponent of a production-oriented windfall profits tax and decontrol of domestic petroleum prices, he is an advocate of expedited development of gasohol, solar, and geothermal power and strong energy conservation measures.


Republican Party.

Bob Dole has been a key Republican leader for years, a man of action who believes that his Party must offer positive programs, not just criticize the policies of those in power. His dedication to this principle of constructive opposition has earned him the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and uniquely qualifies him to restore a spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship to the highest levels of our government.


First Monday interview:

Q:        What kind of President would Bob Dole be?

DOLE: Well, I believe I would be a President with broad experience…

I think being ranking Republican on the Finance Committee and a member of the Judiciary Committee and the Agriculture Committee gives me an excellent view. I understand hardship. I have suffered some adversity in my life. I am not a wealthy person. I think this gives me a better understanding of the average American's needs. Certainly I think the combination of experience and adversity, the fact that I have worked within the Party, that I am able to work with my Democratic colleagues is an advantage. I think the American people want strength, not someone to bowl them over, but someone who is firm and strong and understanding and really knows what he is talking about. I believe I can provide that leadership.


“There is no power on earth greater than that of the individual in a free society.”

-Bob Dole


Personal: Born July 22,1923, in Russell, Kansas, son of Mrs. Doran R. Dole and the late Mr. Dole; married Mary Elizabeth Hanford, former Federal Trade Commissioner, December 6,1975; one daughter, Robin; Methodist.


Education: Russell public schools; graduated Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas (A.B., L.L.B., magna cum laude); honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, Washburn University, 1969.


Military: Enlisted U.S. Army, 1943; served in Italy during World War II; twice wounded and twice decorated for heroic achievement; discharged after almost six years, with the rank of captain; hospitalized 39 months.


Public Service: At age 26, elected to Kansas Legislature, 1951-53; elected four terms as Russell County Attorney, 1953-61; elected to four terms, U.S. House of Representatives, 1961-68; elected U.S. Senate in 1968, reelected 1974; Republican National Committee Chairman, 1971-73; Republican candidate for Vice President, 1976.


"One of the reasons I picked Bob Dole as my running mate in 1976 was a strong belief the Vice president should not only be someone capable of handling the duties of President, but a man in tune with grass roots America."

-Former President Gerald Ford


Elizabeth and I approach the 1980 campaign for the Presidency with a deep appreciation for the magnitude of the task before us. It is the task of reasserting shared confidence in those means established to help us grow and prosper in freedom, and a common conviction that we are in truth what we say we are; a nation founded upon and dedicated to fundamental notions of liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.


The challenges which lie ahead are many: making a dollar worth something at the grocery store, finding jobs for those who need them, reducing the tax burden on our people, scaling back the size of government, making America self-sufficient in energy once again, and guaranteeing the military strength of our nation.


If you share our goals for America, we hope you will help us in the days, weeks, and months ahead.


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