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John Connally for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

John Connally for President 1980 Campaign Brochure





Perhaps no other presidential candidate in this century has possessed the background, experience and know-how offered by John Connally.


For that reason, more and more thoughtful Americans are uniting behind him as our best choice to provide the strong leadership so urgently needed by our country.


As a successful businessman and attorney, he understands what makes our economic system work, and the value of a hard-earned dollar.


As one, who has watched the workings of Washington since he learned about Capitol Hill as an aide to a young Congressman, he understands what makes Congress tick.


As a decorated Navy hero of World War II, who served our nation as Secretary of the Navy he understands the importance of a strong national defense.


As one who served for six years as Governor of Texas he has an intimate working knowledge of the problems and concerns of state and local government.


From his service as Secretary of the Treasury he understands the complex monetary affairs of the nation, and demonstrated in that office that he has the capacity to represent America's interests with vision and strength.


Most important as one who rose from a humble beginning as a barefoot farmboy to pinnacles of success, he has a keen dedication to preserve our nation's legacy of freedom and opportunity


John Connally has been forged for a destiny of leadership.




Born February 27, 1917 in Floresville, Texas. Educated in Hurt and San Antonio Schools.


Attended University of Texas at Austin, where he received his law degree in 1941, served as Student Body president.


Married to Ida Nell (Nellie) Brill in 1940, and has three children, John B. Connally, III, Sharon Connally Ammann and Mark M. Connally.


Served in the U.S. Navy 1941-1945. Attained the rank of Lt. Commander, and was decorated with Bronze Star and Legion of Merit with Combat V.


With other veterans, organized Radio Station KVET in Austin, Texas and served as its president and general manager 1946-1947.


Served as secretary and administrative assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.


Served as Secretary of the Navy in 1961, appointed by President John F Kennedy.


Elected Governor of Texas in 1962, served three consecutive terms, and retired undefeated in 1969.


Served as Secretary of the Treasury 1971-1972, appointed by President Richard M. Nixon.


Served as member Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under three presidents.


Advisor to four presidents, representing both political parties.


One of the Republican Party's most active spokesmen and fundraisers throughout the nation.


Senior partner, Vinson & Elkins law firm, Houston, Texas.


Owner, operator Connally Picosa Ranch and farm properties, Floresville Texas.


Former director numerous major companies, educational and charitable organizations.


Member St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Houston.


Most Americans agree that our nation faces its most critical period since World War II. This time, we must select a leader who can lead…a man of know-how…of decisiveness…of courage.


Few can match John Connally's strength. One writer has called him "the most able man in American politics."


For more than 40 years, Connally has been a proven success in private and public life. Through crises tests that would break lesser men, his will and character have stood like the strength of Gibraltar.


John Connally has been tempered through a lifetime of experience to provide the vision and leadership that America so desperately needs for the 80s.


He wants to use that know-how to build an America with new hope and opportunity for our young people. He wants a country with less government regulation of our businessmen. He wants a country with jobs for our workers and education to equip our people for productive lives. He wants a country with more opportunity for women. He wants a nation of security for our elderly. And he wants to restore the traditional values and moral fiber which built this land.




My Fellow Americans:


I'm running for President because I am deeply concerned about the current course of America. On all sides, we see our once proud nation beset with problems, both at home and abroad.


I'm sure that you're concerned, as I am, about what inflation, the energy shortage, high taxes, and government regulation are doing to our country.


As serious as the challenges are, I believe there is still time to do something about them. But I am convinced that we must have strong new leadership in the White House if we are to get our country back on the track.


I believe that my background and experience equip me to provide that kind of leadership. And as one who was fortunate enough to benefit from our freedom of opportunity in this country, I want to make sure that our children and grandchildren still have that golden opportunity.


If you still love and believe in America as Nellie and I do...if you want to see her strength and pride restored...I hope you'll join us in this crusade.


Together, we can build a better America for all our people...and one that once again will be the proud symbol of strength, opportunity and freedom to all the world.


I hope you'll let me hear from you.



John B. Connally 


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