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Philip Crane for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

Philip Crane for President 1980 Campaign Brochure

‘At Last: A Man Who Can Lead America’




Philip Crane, the five-term congressman from Illinois, is a man for our time. Because the time has arrived when the problems that confront us and our nation call for more than campaign rhetoric, more than unfulfilled promises, more than simply talking about leadership. They call for Philip Crane.




Because our nation's present leaders have failed to live up to their promises to relieve the overburdened taxpayer.

Philip Crane believes high taxes are crippling our economy and cheating the worker out of his hard-earned dollars. He advocates a permanent, across -- the board tax cut to allow Americans to spend their money as they see fit. And he wants to end taxation of savings and the destructive double taxation of corporate dividends so that America will have the capital it needs to grow.


Because our nation's present leaders have failed to live up to their promises to stop the inflation which is ruining our way of life.

Philip Crane believes government -- not big labor or big business -- is the cause of inflation. He believes the present administration's budget deficits and irresponsible monetary policies are the cause of today's soaring prices. Philip Crane advocates a three-pronged attack on inflation: a constitutional federal spending imitation, a 30% cut in income taxes and an index in the tax code that would eliminate taxes on the portion of a worker's salary increase that is caused solely by inflation.


Because our nation's present leaders have failed to supply America with the energy it needs to create jobs and economic growth. Instead, they are telling us to "save our way" out of our energy shortages.

Philip Crane believes we must produce our way out of the energy crisis by boosting energy production in this country and in friendly, neighboring nations and by ending over-regulation of America's energy industries.


Because our nation's present leaders are allowing America to become a second rate power.

Philip Crane believes American military strength should be second to none. He rejects the SALT II treaty because Philip Crane believes the defense of our people is not negotiable. He believes in nothing less than nuclear superiority over the Soviet Union -- not parity. Because our nation's present leaders have failed to live up to their promises to stop the growth of big government. Instead, they have created another federal bureaucracy, the Department of Education.


Philip Crane believes it is time to recognize what it is the government can do and what it can't do. He believes big government can't do anything well. His aim is to disband expensive, useless agencies like the Department of Energy and decentralize certain other government agencies by moving them out of Washington and closer to the people they are supposed to serve.


Because our nation's present leaders are conducting a foreign policy which has brought respect for the United States to an all-time low.

Philip Crane believes the United States must gradually develop a consistent and coherent foreign policy if we are to regain the confidence of our allies. He believes this country must stop stepping on old friends to win new ones.


Finally, because our nation's present leaders are telling Americans to forget the American Dream and "live with less."

Philip Crane believes the American Dream is still alive. He believes this young republic still possesses all the human and natural resources to launch the most exciting, secure and productive century the world has ever seen.


Philip Crane, the first candidate to announce for the presidency, is an author of three books, a history professor and one of only fourteen congressmen to hold a Ph.D. He is a ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee.


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