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John F. Kennedy for President 1960 Brochure

JOHN F. Kennedy FOR PRESIDENT 1960 Campaign Brochure

‘A New Leader for the 60’s’


A Durable Peace Requires Vigor and Imagination


Dynamic Foreign Policy:


Senator Kennedy's vision has often focused the attention of the country and the Senate on major foreign policy issues. An experienced member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has concentrated on the problems of uncommitted countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America. He is chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa.


Military Preparedness:


Senator Kennedy has consistently advocated increased military strength as the soundest basis for a durable peace. He is author of a bill for a national peace agency to lay the groundwork for disarmament. When he warned in 1958 that Soviet missile gains were shifting the balance of power. Columnist Joseph Alsop wrote, "It is one of the most remarkable speeches on American defense since the end of the last war."


Progressive Labor Policy:


Senator Kennedy's labor accomplishments include a higher minimum wage, increased unemployment compensation, a broader Federal housing program, and safer working conditions. A leading member of the Senate Rackets Committee for three years, he sponsored the AFL-CIO-backed anti-racketeering bill clearing labor's name of a small hoodlum infiltration.


Prosperity on the Farm:


Senator Kennedy was one of the earliest advocates of a plan to assure farmers of a fair share of national income. His surplus food distribution and food-for-peace bills have received wide support from both urban and rural organizations.


Defense of Civil Liberties:


Senator Kennedy never wavered in his endorsement of those principles of human rights now embodied in the 1960 Democratic Platform, including basic civil rights in education, housing, and economic opportunity. He has always opposed those seeking to restrict individual freedom of speech and conscience.


Aid for the Aged:


Senator Kennedy drafted a 10-point plan to provide older people with housing, medical care, and recreational facilities. This led to a special Senate Subcommittee on the aged, of which he was vice-chairman. He has also sponsored a bill to provide for hospital, nursing, and medical care for our older citizens.


Fiscal Responsibility:


Senator Kennedy, Chairman of the Government Operations Subcommittee, guided thirty bills through Congress that improved efficiency in government. The Hoover Commission estimated his revision of budget and accounting procedures would ultimately save the taxpayers $4 billion annually.


A man who CARES for AMERICA

A man who will LEAD AMERICA


Tradition of Service


A devoted husband and father, Senator John F. Kennedy is also the son of an American family that has written city, state, and national history for three generations. Public Service is a Kennedy family tradition. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, is a former Ambassador to Great Britain and one-time chairman (appointed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt) of both the Security and Exchange Commission and the Federal Maritime Commission. His mother is the former Rose Fitzgerald, daughter of the late John F. Fitzgerald, Mayor of Boston and U.S. Congressman.

His grandfather was a member of the Massachusetts State House and Senate.

Saved 11-Man Crew


In World War II, skipper John F. Kennedy's PT Boat was rammed by a Japanese destroyer. Despite severe injuries, Lt. Kennedy's qualities of leadership enabled him to lead his shipmates to safety after nine days behind Japanese lines. He was twice decorated for his heroism. His brother, Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.


Pulitzer Prize Winner


A former newspaper correspondent, Senator Kennedy won the Pulitzer prize for his book "Profiles in Courage". He also wrote the bestseller "Why England Slept", "A Nation of Immigrants", and in 1960, "The Strategy of Peace". He has contributed penetrating studies of American Government and politics to the nation's top newspapers and magazines.


Racket-Busting Brothers


Senator Kennedy, as a member of the Senate Rackets Committee with his brother Bob, as its Chief Counsel, has battled relentlessly to free American labor and management from the grip of racketeers, hoodlums, and union busters.


Worldwide Experience


Senator Kennedy's concern for world peace has taken him to Russia, Germany, China, Israel, Poland, India, Korea, and 27 other countries in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. His four year of military service and fourteen years of Congressional service have familiarized him with all branches of U.S. Government.


Democrat's Overwhelming Choice


At the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, Senator John F. Kennedy was nominated for President on the first ballot. Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, the Majority Leader of the Senate, and one of the nation's greatest legislators, was nominated for Vice President. Accepting the nomination before a crowd of 75,000 people in Los Angeles' Coliseum, Senator Kennedy introduced "The New Frontier" of the '60's. Said Kennedy The New Frontier is not a set of promises - it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American People but what I intend to ask of them"


The Vital Presidency


A lifelong student of American history, Senator Kennedy has always believed in the strong and decisive use of powers of the Presidency. "The challenging, revolutionary sixties will demand that the President place himself in the very thick of the fight, that he care passionately about the fate of the people he leads, that he be willing to serve them at the risk of incurring their momentary displeasure."


Only Kennedy has gone to the people


Kennedy The Vote-Getter


1946-1952 won three successive terms in the House of Representatives, each by an increasingly wide margin.


1952 defeated Henry Cabot Lodge by 70,000 votes in Massachusetts race for the U.S. Senate.


1958 broke all vote-getting records in winning re-election by 873,000 votes, carrying every city and county in Massachusetts, winning by a 3-1 margin.


1960 took his case to the voters of the country, running in seven Presidential primaries and winning them all. Kennedy received almost two million winning votes.


“...give me your voice, your hand, your vote”


For a Strong President Vote for Kennedy


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