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George McGovern for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

George McGovern for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

‘George McGovern for President’


"Of all my colleagues in the United States Senate, the person who has the most feeling and does things in the most genuine George McGovern. He is so highly admired by all his colleagues, not just for his ability but because of the kind of man he is. That is truer of him than anyone else in the United States Senate."


Senator Robert F. Kennedy


George McGovern's 10-Point program


1. Begin the nuclear freeze now, cancel the MX Missile and the B-1 Bomber, stop deployment of new missiles in Western Europe, and overhaul the military procurement and weapons testing practices. Cut military spending in the range of 20 to 25 percent below the $2 75 billion requested by the Reagan Administration for FY 1984. Reagan wants a 10% increase in military spending; the other Democratic contenders want a smaller increase. I am the only candidate calling for a decrease in military spending.


2. Terminate all U S military operations in Central America now.


3. Bring our Marines home from Lebanon now.  I recommended this course of action months before any Marines were killed. Over 250 Marines have been killed in the meantime -- and for what?


4. Put unemployed Americans back to work now, cleaning up the environment and rebuilding the infrastructure of our country -- including water and sewer systems, roads, bridges, and the creation of the world's finest railroad and mass transit systems by the year 2000.


5. Restore the dream of home ownership and revive the construction industry with one-time government-backed mortgage loans of not more than 10 percent.


6. Simplify the present complex, loophole-ridden federal tax code by carrying out major reforms of the tax system -- similar to those proposed in the Bradley-Gephardt Bill which would lower tax rates for most Americans, eliminate costly tax avoidance, and require every citizen and business to pay their full and fair share.


7. Provide low-cost government loans to those Americans who seek additional education and job-training, with the loan collection guaranteed through tax withholding.


8, Stop paying farmers not to produce and begin paying them fairly for their production to win the battle against hunger in America and abroad.


9. Guarantee the equal rights of all Americans, especially for the majority of Americans who are women. Women belong in the U.S. Constitution. Pass the E.R.A.


10. Relieve the state of the burden of welfare and Medicaid costs by full federal responsibility for these services; and free state funds to permit greater support for education and crime control.


George McGovern: "Making the most sense"


That's what thoughtful people are saying, in one way or another. Tom Wicker said it in The New York Times after analyzing Reagan's policies and the reaction of the Democratic candidates. Others express similar ideas:


"It's clear that McGovern is not going to be a me-too Democrat…we welcome McGovern to the race..." The Des Moines Register. "Liberated from the clutches of conventional politics...and troubled by the course the nation has taken since (1980), George McGovern has descended on the presidential campaign like a prophet..." The Boston Globe, Curtis Wilkie. "...he is saying things that none of the other Democratic presidential candidates are saying and is finding that his message still has a large and enthusiastic audience..." The Washington Post, Bill Peterson. "What will make George McGovern important and valuable in 1984 is what he has to say. He had a different vision of how America as a great nation should proceed in the world, a practical vision that does not rely on bristling militarism and cold-war myopia. That vision was right in 1972 and certainly is more urgently needed today." Rolling Stone, William Greiner. "Taking stands on some issues that differ sharply from most of the other Democratic candidates, such as calling for a 25% cut in the defense budget, Mr. McGovern appears to be making the most of this opportunity to speak his mind. "The New York Times, Fay S. Joyce "...a decent man making common sense." Texas Observer, Geoffrey Rips. "In this campaign, McGovern has consistently defied those cynical about his quixotic candidacy by talking sensibly and candidly..." The Washington Post, David S.Broder. "...His platform this time is about as clear a statement as you're likely to hear a politician propose...If that's crazy, you've got to wonder how we're defining sanity these days." Philadelphia Daily News, Editorial. This combination of intelligence conviction and psychological suitability for the game has thrust McGovern, time after time, into the arena that is American politics. In that arena, he has frequently -- and to the surprise of many -- overcome enormous odds to win office." American Politics, Rosanah Bennett. "…he obviously ought to be President,” The Nation, Christopher Hitchens. "...there is a refrain swelling up in many quarters in the party today, that all debate should be ended as divisive and every good Democrat should unite behind...the front runner irrespective of his caution and blandness on the issues. We are not supposed to argue that McGovern is right when he wants to cut. not increase, defense expenditures and when he vigorously opposes the invasion of Grenada and military operations in Lebanon." Joe L. Rauh, Jr.


Campaign ‘84

George McGovern


“If the Democrats are to represent a better alternative, then halting the arms race must be the highest priority. There will be no real security and no sustained economic recovery as long as this nation gears for nuclear war. The militarization of foreign policy, the absurd concept of winning a nuclear war, and support for dictatorial regimes simply defy the national interest. As a great world power, the United States should lead the way from nuclear peril to peaceful co-existence. We should abandon wasteful military spending in order to fight the enemies from within: unemployment, crime, hunger, deteriorating education and infrastructure, and a despoiled natural environment."



George McGovern



•           an immediate Nuclear Freeze


•           immediate and complete withdrawal of all US Military from Lebanon and Central America


•           an immediate cut in Military spending


•           Building the finest railway system in the world by the year 2000 -- creating jobs and revitalizing the economy




George McGovern was born in Avon, South Dakota on July 19,1922, the son of a Methodist clergyman.


In World War II as a pilot of a B-24 bomber, he flew 35 missions and was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross. He then earned a Ph.D. in History and Government at Northwestern University in Illinois.


McGovern was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1956 and 1958. In 1960, President Kennedy appointed him as first Director of the Food for Peace Program. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1962, and re-elected in 1968 and 1974. During his tenure as a Senator he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, was a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee.


In 1972 he won the Democratic Presidential nomination with victories in 10 state primary elections including New York and California.


McGovern and his wife, Eleanor, have four daughters, one son and four grandsons.


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