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Walter Mondale for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

Walter Mondale for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

‘The experience to know what needs to change.

The strength to make it happen.’


The Economy -- Key to Our Future


"The key to this nation's future is a healthy growing economy -- an economy that provides jobs and opportunities for all Americans, and not just profits for the rich. We have to put people back to work. Without jobs, there is no fairness" -Walter Mondale


Here's how he'll do it:


Cut Reagan's record red-ink deficits -- cut them fast -- by:

Stopping the Pentagon's waste and foolish spending. We can't afford to pay $110 for a 4-cent part; we can't afford to buy billion-dollar weapons that don't work.

Putting limits on how much the doctors and the hospitals can gouge Medicare and Medicaid and the public. Nobody should have to pay $700 a day for a hospital room or $65 to walk into a doctor's office.

Making the rich pay their fair share of taxes like everybody else.

Tell the Federal Reserve that we want monetary policies that make sense -- that help people buy houses and cars and home appliances.

Put people -- millions of men and women -- back to work like FDR did, and retrain workers who were abandoned when their jobs were sent to Taiwan or Singapore.

Make pay equity a reality.

Tell government and business and labor, we have to work together to rebuild the nation's basic industries.

We have to work together and stand together; there's no other way.

Rebuild our nation's roads and bridges and dams and waterlines. These make up our nation's physical foundation, so they have to be sound.

Enforce the civil rights laws so that women and minorities have a fair chance to get and keep a good job.

Give smaller, creative companies an even break instead of passing out all the goodies to the big corporations. Big business doesn't need public assistance.

See to it that American exporters don't get shortchanged by other countries' unfair trading practices.

Give family farmers a fighting chance against the giants of agribusiness.

Bring the nation's governors and mayors together to forge a real partnership with the federal government to make this nation's cities good places to live.



War -- or Peace?


"In this, the nuclear age of doomsday weapons, we have to do everything in our power to ensure peace. The most awesome responsibility of the President is not only to keep us strong so that we don't invite attack, but to use all of our physical and moral strength to keep the peace and spare the world from holocaust." -Walter Mondale


What about global brinkmanship saber-rattling? What about our increasing military involvement in Central America? Here's what Mondale will do:


Strengthen our regular military forces.

Get back to dealing with smaller nations as friend instead of as a bully.

Restore our nation's open commitment to human rights as the cornerstone of American foreign policy.

Help poorer nations stand on their own feet. Democracy will never grow in the soil of poverty, oppression, and despair.

Attract the people of Central America with our values -- instead of scaring them with our weapons.

And what about nuclear weapons? Here's what Mondale will do:

Sit down with the Russians and work out a mutual and verifiable freeze on nuclear weapons.

Send the Salt II treaty to the Senate and support its ratification.

Bury the MX missile boondoggle once and for all.

Stop wasting money on nerve gasses and other indiscriminate killers.

Put this nation out front again in the effort to halt the spread of nuclear weapons -- and the threat of doomsday blackmail.

Education -- the Future of Our Children -- the Future of Our Nation.


"Getting this nation's schools back on the track will be one of the top priorities of the Mondale Administration. Everything depends on strong schools and strong colleges; a healthy economy, a strong defense, social justice, opportunity for all. There is no reason whatsoever why the next generation of Americans cannot be the best educated and trained in this nation's history." -Walter Mondale


Here's how Mondale will go about it:


Establish a Fund for Excellence to help local schools do a better job of teaching children.

Start an "Education Corps" to attract bright and dedicated young people to teaching careers, and help the teachers already in the classroom to sharpen their skills.

Give the nation's laboratories, libraries, and research centers the support they must have.

Start a crash effort to give our kids better training in math, science, and languages. That's where tomorrow's jobs will be.

Strengthen programs for rural and inner-city schools to give poor children an even break.

Make sure that every American family, and not just the wealthy few, can afford to send their kids to college.

Create awards to help gifted graduate students complete their training.

Stop the loss of talent that occurs because of discrimination and sex stereotyping in schools.



An Outstanding Record of Service And a Vision for the Future


Walter Mondale


Walter Mondale grew up with the family values of small-town rural America. His father was a minister, and his mother taught music; together, they taught Walter Mondale to speak the truth, to respect hard work, to cherish their faith, to respect our country and its laws, and to help others.


Walter Mondale went on to earn a degree from the University of Minnesota and after serving in the United States Army he earned a law degree on the G.I. Bill.


With Hubert Humphrey he worked hard to build Democratic Farmer-Labor of Minnesota, and in 1960 he became the youngest state Attorney General in Minnesota history. He fought for consumers and was an early and effective leader in the struggle for civil rights and civil liberties.


In 1964 he became a United States Senator. In the Senate he fought for civil rights, voting rights, and for an end to discrimination in housing. He worked to improve education for all children, and to strengthen families with nutrition programs and day care centers. He fought for senior citizens and was one of the original sponsors of Medicare. As a member of the influential Finance Committee he fought for fairness and equity in our tax laws. He fought for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, and wrote the nation's first comprehensive child care act (vetoed by Nixon) and designed the Women's Educational Equity Act. He was a co-sponsor of the Clean Air Act of 1970 and the Water Pollution Act of 1972. He opposed the Nixon plan to junk the ABM Treaty and put multiple warheads on nuclear missiles. And in 1976 he was key author of the first Senate resolution to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons.


In 1976 he was elected Vice President of the United States and became the most active and influential Vice President in history.


"I know how to shape a government. I know how to lead.  I know how to defend this country -- and I know how to search for peace.


"Americans want to be one strong nation. We're confident. We're ready. And so am I." -Walter Mondale


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