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Reagan Bush 1984 Campaign Brochure

Ronald Reagan for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

‘Leadership that’s working’


“After all our struggles to restore America, to revive confidence in our country, hope for our future, after all our hard-won victories earned through patience and courage of every citizen, we cannot, must not, and will not turn back. We will finish our job.”

                                                                                                            Ronald Reagan


Where we were


Four years ago, America faced the greatest challenge in our post war history.


Our nation's defenses were dangerously weak. We had suffered humiliation in Iran, and we had lost

the respect of other nations.


Our nation lacked leadership. Our elected officials failed to trust in the courage and character of Americans, attributing our problems to a national "malaise."


Years of government overspending and overtaxing had left our economy in ruins. In the last half of the '70s, taxes doubled; yet, federal spending increased even more. Inflation rose to over 12 percent in 1980. Interest rates were over 21 percent.


Productivity, industrial production and worker's real earnings were down. The only things going up were prices, unemployment, taxes and the size of government.


Bringing America back


Americans were ready to make a new beginning. So we elected President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush to lead us into a more promising future.


We have come a long way. We have new confidence in our leaders, in our institutions and in ourselves, As President Reagan has said, "America is back."


Economic recovery


In 1981, President Reagan offered a plan for economic recovery and it has worked. Real after-tax income is up. Interest rates have been cut by more than one-third.


New homes are being built and sold. Consumer spending is rising. Over four million Americans found jobs last year, the greatest employment gain in 33 years.


President Reagan's program also conquered inflation -- the cruelest tax of all, That crippling, double digit inflation rate was cut to 3.8 percent in 1983. President Reagan also redirected a broad range of social services to those Americans truly in need.


All Americans are better off now than they were four years ago.


World leadership


America is also back as a world leader. Under President Reagan's leadership, we have rebuilt our national defenses and gained respect among nations with a firm, coherent foreign policy.


The national security of the United States has been strengthened and America has regained its standing as the leading advocate of peace and freedom in the world.


As President Reagan has said, "We know the tide of the future is a freedom tide, and that America's new strength and sense of purpose will carry hope and opportunity far from our shores."



The unfinished work


President Reagan has challenged us to move forward again, to unite behind four great goals to keep America free, secure and at peace for the '80s:


1. Ensure steady non-inflationary economic growth: President Reagan will continue his program of tax relief and steady economic growth.


2. Develop space, America's next frontier: President Reagan has proposed the construction of a permanent manned space station.


3. Strengthen our traditional values: President Reagan will continue to promote a renaissance in the traditional values of faith, family, work and neighborhood.


4. Build a meaningful peace: President Reagan has proposed substantial reductions in nuclear weapons through genuine arms control.




The choice is clear. We can return to the failed policies of the past. Or we can move forward together with President Reagan's leadership to build a future in which peace, freedom and prosperity abound, not only for all Americans, but for all peoples.


The Record



Reagan-Bush-About 25% cut for all;business incentives;estate and marriage taxes reduced.

Carter-Mondale-Nearly doubled in five years before Reagan-Bush.



Reagan-Bush-3.9% in 1982, 3.8% in 1983, 4.2% so far in 1984.

Carter-Mondale-13.3% in 1979, 12.4% in 1980.


Prime Rate

Reagan-Bush-Down eight points to 13%.

Carter-Mondale-More than tripled in four years to 21%.


Economic Growth

Reagan-Bush-GNP up seven straight quarters, 7.1% rate, 2nd quarter 1984.

Carter-Mondale-GNP down .3% in 1980.


Workers’ Real Earnings

Reagan-Bush-Up every year.

Carter-Mondale-Down every year.


Housing Starts

Reagan-Bush-Nearly double the 1981 rate so far in 1984.

Carter-Mondale-Down to 1.3 million in 1980 and falling to a low of under 1 million in 1981.


Reducing Crime

Reagan-Bush-1983-biggest drop in a generation; two years of decline for the first time since records kept.

Carter-Mondale-Violent crimes rose 31% over four years.


Stregthened Social Programs

Reagan-Bush-Benefits redirected to needy and overall spending levels increased for child nutrition, food stamps, AFDC, Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and Subsidized housing.

Carter-Mondale-42% of income-tested benefits went to persons with incomes 150% of poverty.


Restoring Respect

Reagan-Bush-No hostile takeovers in four years as America is stregthened and stands by friends around the globe.

Carter-Mondale-Hostile takeovers in Angola, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Ethiopa, Nicaragua as U.S. stood by.


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