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Reubin Askew for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

Reubin Askew for President 1984 Campaign Brochure

‘The Different Democrat’


"There are those who say I can't win because I'm willing to deal directly with difficult issues.

I disagree.

If you have the courage to tell the people what's right for this nation, and they see that it's the truth -- whether it's popular or not -- they'll vote for you."

-Reubin Askew


Reubin Askew has been called "The Different Democrat."




Because he's not willing to tell people just what they want to hear.


He's willing to take unpopular stands for the good of the nation -- even though it makes the task of winning the presidential nomination of his party and becoming President more difficult.


None of this surprises anyone who has followed Reubin Askew's career.


He campaigned the same way as a dark horse candidate for Governor of Florida.


He was supposed to finish last in that race. But he won. He won because he was willing to trust the people of Florida with the truth of their circumstances. He won because he was willing to challenge the large corporations, the developers, the mining companies, and other special interests on behalf of all the people of the state.


As Governor, he stood up for racial equality in the public schools when others would not. He appointed blacks and women and Hispanics to public office when others did not. Time and again, he had the courage to stand alone on public issues when others found they could not.


Reubin Askew was different then. And he's different now.


Reubin Askew is the only Democratic candidate who opposes a nuclear freeze. He's committed to peace, and he's determined to reduce arms. But he's had the courage to say what others won't -- that being committed in advance to a freeze will keep us from maintaining a strong, modem defense while we reduce arms and reduce the risk of all-out war.


Reubin Askew's the only Democratic candidate who spoke out at the time in favor of the American rescue mission in Grenada. He doesn't believe we should tell other nations how to govern themselves. And he said from the start that we needed to get our troops out of Grenada quickly. But he's committed to protecting the lives and safety of America citizens overseas.


Reubin Askew has stated a clear and responsible position on Lebanon. He wants to protect our fighting Marines and prevent an escalation into a major East-West confrontation by replacing American troops in Lebanon with a neutral United Nations peacekeeping force. He wants to give the United Nations a chance to prove itself in the Middle East while maintaining an American presence offshore.


Reubin Askew is the only Democratic candidate who has spoken out forcefully in favor of making America more competitive in international trade, especially in agriculture, and against such costly protectionist legislation as the automobile domestic content bill. He's committed to fighting unfair trade practices -- anywhere. But he knows that we must learn to compete fairly everywhere to keep and create jobs for Americans. And he knows that the domestic content bill would cost three jobs for every one it saved, raise new car prices by up to $1,000, and lead to retaliation overseas against agricultural and other U.S. exports -- while keeping us from becoming competitive again.


Reubin Askew is willing to be different -- in these and many other ways.


He's willing to risk losing some votes for the sake of winning the right kind of victory for the American people,


He's willing to tell the people the truth as he sees it -- because he knows that, if the people see that it is the truth, whether popular or not, they'll vote for him.


He's willing to be different -- because he knows that America needs a new and different kind of leadership for a new and different kind of world.


"I think Reubin Askew is as qualified and competent a man as there is to govern this country...He's very, very competent He's tough as nails, and he's compassionate."

-Bob Strauss, former Chairman, Democratic National Committee


Reubin Askew


1928: Born in Muskogee. Oklahoma,

1937: Moves with family to Pensacola, Florida

1946-48: Paratrooper with U.S, Army

1951: Receives Bachelor's degree from Florida State University

1951-53: Officer with U.S. Air Force

1956: Receives law degree from the University of Florida

1956-58: Prosecuting Attorney, Escambia County, Florida

1959-62: Florida House of Representatives

1963-70: Florida Senate

1971-79: Governor of Florida

1972: Delivers Keynote Address at Democratic; National Convention

1973: Chairman, Education Commission of the States

1973-74: Member, Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee

1974: Chairman, Southern Governors' Conference

1974-75: Member, Democratic National Committee

1976: Chairman, National Democratic Governors' Conference

1977: Chairman, Southern Growth Policies Board; Chairman, National Governors' Association,

President Council of State Governments; Chairman, federal commission on ambassadorial appointments

1979: Chairman, federal commission on immigration and refugee policy

1979-80: Chief Trade Negotiator for the U.S. Ambassador, Member of the Presidents Cabinet

1982: Travels to each of the 50 states "testing the waters" for presidential campaign

1983: Announces presidential candidacy, Feb. 23


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