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Tom Harkin for President 1992 Campaign Brochure

Tom Harkin for President 1992 Campaign Brochures

‘Tom Harkin is fighting to reclaim the American Dream’


'For me, the American Dream has come true. My father was a coal miner, my mother a Yugoslavian immigrant with no formal education. Now, I sit next to a Rockefeller in the United States Senate."


"It used to be that the American Dream came true for lots of people. Until George Bush and the Republicans got to the top, and pulled the ladder of opportunity up behind them."


"The time has come to reclaim the American Dream."


"Half a century ago, FDR asked the American people to roll up their sleeves and roll back the Great Depression. Harry Truman challenged us to build America into an economic power able to feed and clothe and house all our people. JFK and Lyndon Johnson called on us to put an American on the moon, and to bring about a revolution in civil rights here on the earth."


"We -- the American people -- met those challenges. We the people can do it again."




1. End George Bush's supply-side, trickle-down, tax-breaks-for-the-rich economics.


2. Use Tom Harkin's INVESTMENT BASED ECONOMICS to invest in America -- our workers, our schools, health care and our infrastructure.


3. Stop subsidizing the defense of our allies. And use that money here at home. Invest in America.


4. Get tough on trade and stop exporting American jobs to foreign countries.


5. Help America's working families with national health care, parental leave, child care and pay equity.


Now, our job is to ensure that the rich possibilities of life in America are within the reach of average American citizens, not just a rich and privileged few."


Tom Harkin has spent over 100 days on the job with ordinary working people. He has served as an auto mechanic, nurse's aide, school teacher, construction worker, deputy sheriff and cafe waiter, to name just a few.


"The time has come for you and me to tell George Bush that we're going to stand up for the ordinary working people, and we're ready for a fight. I'm ready. Are you?"

-Senator Tom Harkin



1939                 born in Cumming Iowa, pop. 150


1958                 graduated from Dowling Catholic High School


1962                 graduated from Iowa State University


1962-67             jet pilot, United States Navy


1972                 graduated from Catholic University of America Law School


1974                 elected to House of Representatives


1984                 elected to United States Senate


1990                 re-elected to United States Senate

‘On Our Side’


Getting America moving again takes decent jobs for working Americans. Not more tax breaks for the rich.

That means creating new jobs. Providing quality education for our kids. Investing in our basic manufacturing industries and in new technologies.


Tom Harkin stands four-square in the Democratic tradition of Roosevelt Truman and Kennedy of standing up for working families. Even if it means taking on the super-rich and the big corporations.


When the wealthy few don't pay their fair share of taxes, someone else -- you and your family -- has to pay for it. Tom Harkin is the only presidential candidate in this campaign who has the guts to sponsor a minimum tax on millionaires.


The next time you see presidential candidates, ask them where they stand on a minimum tax on millionaires Will they stand up for American working people?


Unfair trade steals American jobs. It's time to stop it.

Only one Democratic candidate has a long record of standing up for tough trade practices. And had the gumption to vote against Republican policies which have sent millions of our jobs overseas. That's Tom Harkin.


Paul Tsongas is attacking Harkin for his tough position on foreign trade and protecting American jobs. Bill Clinton and Bob Kerry actually support sending American jobs to Mexico through "fasttrack" trade legislation.


They're entitled to their opinions


But Tom Harkin believes in taking the same tough pro-working people stands that great Democratic presidents took -- like Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy And he's the only candidate who does.


No American worker should have to trade life or limb for a paycheck. That's why Tom Harkin makes safety and fairness in the workplace a top priority.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured -- or killed -- on the job every year. It's a tragedy that touches working families every day.


Yet there isn't a single Democratic candidate for President who puts protecting the health and safety of American workers on his priority list. Except Tom Harkin.


In fact, a recent independent report from the National Safe Workplace Institute said that Arkansas -- under Gov. Bill Clinton -- is the worst state in the union for protecting workers from hazards that can kill or maim on-the-job


Creating a safe workplace also means making it a fair workplace. As a sponsor of the Workplace Fairness bill -- Senate Bill 55 -- Tom Harkin is the only candidate who's got the guts to stand up and fight for working Americans on the job.


Quality Health Care Is Every American's Right. Including Long-Term Care.

Ali the politicians any they're for national health care. That's easy. Only one candidate for President has consistently been a leader in the fight for quality, affordable health care for all Americans -- Tom Harkin.


As President, he will call to the White House health care providers, hospital administrators, labor, business and keep them there until an effective, comprehensive, affordable national health care plan is hammered out.


Because no American family should be forced to choose between their kid's education and decent health care...including long-term care for their parents and grandparents.


Standing up for working families. The way Democrats are supposed to.

A "give-em-hell" Harry Truman style Democrat, Tom Harkin has never forgotten his roots. Or abandoned the values he learned as a boy. That's earned him the respect -- and the votes -- of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans throughout his career.


Whether it was getting elected and re-elected 4 times -- as a tough Democratic congressman from a Republican district, or being the first Democrat ever to be elected to consecutive terms to the U.S. Senate from Iowa, Tom Harkin is a proven winner.


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