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Lamar Alexander for President 1996 Campaign Brochure

Lamar Alexander for President 1996 Campaign Brochures

‘Come on along’


We must take control of our own lives. Getting Washington out of our neighborhoods won't mean much if we don't get back into them. We are only as strong as we make our families, our neighborhoods, our churches and schools. If you believe Washington's arrogance needs to be replaced with the character of our people doing what they can do best, then "Come on along" and join Alexander's Band.



What makes America the greatest country in the world is freedom. That means freedom in our own lives, freedom from Washington, D.C., and freedom from excessive government.



America has a great future. We just need to focus our attention on creating more jobs, lowering taxes, improving education, and opening up opportunities for new economic growth.


Personal Responsibility

Today we face a moral crisis. Too many people place blame on others and say there is no such thing as right-or-wrong. That must change. We must demand personal responsibility from ourselves and our leaders.


As a father, a governor, a university president, a businessman and a United States Education Secretary, Lamar Alexander understands that great nations are built a neighborhood, a community, a state at a time.


Under his leadership as governor, Tennessee began increasing family incomes faster than any other state, became the only state to pay teachers more for teaching well, and moved from last place in auto production then to third among the states today.


When he left office, Tennessee had fewer government employees, less debt, a AAA bond rating, and the nation's fifth lowest tax rate.


He helped start Corporate Child Care, a company which specializes in workplace daycare and today employs 1,200.


A country and classical pianist, he has performed on the Grand Ole Opry and the Billy Graham Crusade.


He chaired the nation's governors, founded the Republican Neighborhood Meeting, and has been co-director of Empower America.


He is a recipient of the NCAA Teddy Roosevelt Award, a Presbyterian elder, and resident of Nashville, Tennessee.


Of the top Republican presidential candidates, Lamar Alexander is the only one whose ideas are rooted in the local communities instead of Washington, D.C. Where he comes from has a lot to do with where he stands:


"I would move most decision making out of Washington -- including education, job training, and welfare -- and let states and communities make decisions for themselves."


"I would lead the fight for term limits and a part-time citizen Congress that members spend more time in hometown diners than in Capitol Hill restaurants."


"I would cut the capital gains tax rate in half."


"I would fight for a flatter, simpler, and fairer tax system that allowed Americans to keep more money in their packets."


"I would abolish the Department of Education and give parents, teachers, and communities the power to make decisions about their children's schools."


"I would end the practice of giving scholarships, jobs, and contracts on the basis of race. It is un-American to discriminate because of one race or another. Equal opportunity should mean equal opportunity."


"I would lead a revival of personal responsibility by getting Washington out of the way and letting the family, the neighborhood, the church, and the synagogue play a central role in our communities."

‘New Leadership from the Real World’


The President we elect in 1996 will be the first President of the next century, sitting in the Oval Office on the first day of the year 2000.

My goal as President will be to lead us into that new century with a strong vision of a Rising, Shining America.

Unlike the Senators who are running for President, my background is a little different. I've been a Governor, a University President, a U.S. Secretary of Education, and a co-founder of a business that today employs more than 2,800 people.

As Governor of Tennessee, I balanced eight budgets in a row -- and never had to shut down the government to do it.

When I left office, we had a AAA bond rating, the fastest growth in family income, fewer state employees, the fifth lowest taxes in the nation, and no state income tax.

But my goal as President will be "beyond the budget."

Balancing the budget is important. We have to do it. But the future of our country depends on more than just dismantling Washington, D.C. As President, I want to make it easier for Americans to rebuild the institutions that bind us together: the family, the neighborhood, the church, the school, and the community. I want to help put those institutions to work.

I want less from Washington, and more from us.


As President I will:

Lead a national movement for more personal responsibility. I don't believe the answers to our problems are found in Washington, D.C. I want to promote citizenship, personal responsibility, and giving Americans more control over their own lives by getting Washington off our backs and us back into our communities.

Fight for a flatter, simpler, fairer tax system that lets Americans keep more of what they earn.

Eliminate the capital gains tax to create a Niagara Falls of new jobs.

Reduce the estate and inheritance taxes that punish success and make it hard to pass down the family farm.

Treat farmers like businessmen and entrepreneurs. Break down trade barriers so we can be the world's supplier of food.

End welfare in Washington and let us make decisions. Instead of reinventing welfare in Washington, I will send the money and responsibility to states and communities where we know what to do. Instead of sending money to the federal tax collector, I'd give a tax credit to Americans who give money directly to the charities that already know how to help the poor.

Let parents and teachers make decisions about education. I will abolish the Department of Education and then create a GI Bill for Kids so that parents won't be forced to send their children to a bad school.

Stop the Washington meddling in local law enforcement. We know exactly what to do about criminals: lock them up (with the death penalty for the worst). And no more gun control masquerading as a Crime bill.

Protect the Medicare system from bankruptcy. I want a Medicare system that protects seniors and gives them more choices about their health care with higher quality.

End the practice of giving scholarships, jobs, and contracts on the basis of race. Equal opportunity should mean equal opportunity.

Create a citizen Congress with term limits and an end to million dollar Congressional pensions.

Pursue more free trade agreements. More trade and greater access to foreign markets means more jobs and economic growth for all of America. I want the U.S. to be the world's supermarket, not a country store.


This is the recipe for a Rising, Shining America:

An America in which parents can drop their children off at school in the morning, confident that they will be safe and that they will learn.

An America in which we are not afraid to take a walk in our own neighborhoods after dark.

An America in which the number of abortions and divorces is declining, where families stick together, and fathers stick around.

An America with a 4 percent home mortgage rate so that a working family can afford its home and where there's a good new job for every job that disappears.

An America strong enough to defend itself and wise enough not to become involved in anyone else's civil war unless we are prepared to pick one side and win the war.

An America in which out first thought about each other is  something other than the color of our skin, and we are proud to call ourselves "One Nation Under God."

An America where instead of constant complaining about what is on TV, we can almost hear millions of TVs clicking off as families spend more time together and parents actually raise their children.

The next President needs to be a little bit of a preacher willing to say the most important words the first President of the next century can say: We should spend less time trying to figure out what the government owes us and whom to blame for what goes wrong and more time accepting personal responsibility for the consequences of our own actions.

That means less from Washington and more from us. That is the central message of my campaign, and I believe it is the right message we should send to Bill Clinton in November.

I hope I can earn your support. Thank you. Signed Lamar Alexander


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