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Pat Buchanan for President 1996 Campaign Brochure

Pat Buchanan for President 1996 Campaign Brochure

‘Reclaiming The American Dream


Friends, I see an America where the federal government is back under the Constitution. I see an America where the dream of equal justice for all and special privilege for none has become a reality. I see an America where the jobs are coming home and no longer being sent abroad. And I see an America where we become one people, one nation, one family, again. This is the kind of America I'm working for and fighting for.


With your help, we can make this dream come true.


All we need is a new leadership of courage and vision for this country and we will get the job done. You can rely upon me for that new leadership, because I am a man who says what he means and means what he says, a man you can trust. Count on it. -Pat Buchanan


Pat Buchanan

He Says What He Means

And He Means What He Says


LEADERSHIP A Man With a Plan. Pat Buchanan is a leader with vision. His agenda -- from immigration reform, to economic patriotism, to using the pulpit of the presidency to celebrate our heritage and traditions -- is grounded in the belief that it is time for Americans to come together again as one nation, one people, under God.


EXPERIENCE A Man With a Track Record. Pat Buchanan has spent three decades on the frontlines in America's political battles. He is schooled on issues from foreign affairs to culture wars. He served eight years in the White House, as a senior advisor to three presidents, attended five summits, and knows what it takes to be commander in chief.


CONSISTENCY A Man You Can Trust. Pat Buchanan is a lifelong Republican, but doesn't change his views to suit the season's fashion. When the Washington establishment of the Republican Party was wrong, he had the courage to stand up against it. He opposed his own party leaders when they raised taxes in 1990 ... passed a quota bill in 1991 ... and approved NAFTA in 1993. His politics are rooted in principle. He is a man of his word.


Putting Americans First

Pat Buchanan on the Issues


Term Limits


America needs a constitutional amendment limiting Congressional terms to six years for members of the House, twelve years for U.S. Senators. Also, Congress should impose term limits on all federal judges. America must become again a country of citizen legislators -- not career politicians.


Clean Up Our Politics


Our national politics have been corrupted by Big Money. Corporate contributions to political parties will be outlawed, PAC contributions ended, and Senators and Congressmen will have to raise every dime of their campaign war chests in their own state and district. Million-dollar congressional pensions will be abolished.


Balance The Budget


America needs a Balanced Budget Amendment with a strict limit on the amount of taxes government may impose. The President must have a line-item veto. Our $5 trillion debt is a national disgrace; a threat to the survival of this Republic. It must and shall come down,


Reclaim America's Lost Sovereignty


The heroes of Lexington and Concord gave their lives for our liberty. Now, politicians are selling out U.S. sovereignty to a global "New Word Order." The U.S. shall reclaim her lost sovereignty, and never again will American soldiers be subject to UN command.

End Foreign Aid


The looting of America for the benefit of foreign regimes ends the day I take office. If we cannot balance our own budget, what are we doing sending billions of tax dollars overseas to balance the budgets of foreign governments? Let's end foreign aid and start looking out for the Forgotten Americans right here in the United States.


Defend Our Borders


We need a sea wall to stop the tidal wave of illegal immigration and narcotics sweeping over our southern border. We need a "time out" on legal immigration -- to assimilate and Americanize the millions who have come in recent decades. And we need one language for one people -- our own English language.


Peace Through Strength


U.S. armed forces must remain first on land, on the seas, in the air, and in space. We will maintain U.S. supremacy over all enemies, build a missile defense for our country, and use force if necessary to protect vital interests. Allies, defended by America during 50 years of Cold War will begin paying their fair share for defense.


A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Tax System


We will abolish a tax system that is robbing families of their wages, and America of her vitality. We will shift to a low flat tax, radically down-size the IRS, slash capital gains taxes, and abolish inheritance taxes on family estates, family businesses and family farms.


Equal Justice Under Law


Discrimination is wrong. But you do not correct old injustices by committing new ones. We will end preferential treatment-quotas, set-asides, affirmative action, "diversity" mandates -- in federal policy our first week in office, America must become a nation of equal justice for all-and special privilege for none.


Defend The Right To Life


God is the author of life. If Government has any valid duty, it is to protect innocent life. Full legal protection for the right to life of the unborn, the ill and the elderly must and shall be reestablished. We will keep the Republican Party, pro-life, reconstitute the Supreme Court, and make the White House a "Bully Pulpit" for life.


Good Jobs At Good Wages


The real wages of American workers are failing. Factories and jobs have fled overseas. We will reverse this, and impose stiff tariffs on protectionist nations that deny us equal access to their markets. No more NAFTAs, no more GATTs, no more sellouts of American workers on the altars of multinational corporations.


Free Education From Federal Control


Since federal judges and bureaucrats seized our schools, God and the Ten Commandments have been expelled, test scores have fallen, and chaos has entered. We will shut down the Department of Education, end Goals 2000, and return money and power to local schools where parental rights will be made paramount again.


Restore Our National Heritage


We will provide constitutional protection for the flag, and restore freedom of religion to public schools. Our glorious, if often tragic, history is as great a national treasure as our Capitol, or the forests of Yellowstone. Our national memory must be preserved; so, too, shall all monuments, battlefields and symbols of our heritage.


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