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Pat Buchanan for President 2000 GOP Campaign Brochure

Pat Buchanan for President 2000 Campaign Brochure

‘Reclaiming America’s Destiny’


Through triumph and tragedy…war and peace…he served the two most important Presidents of our time.


"I have never been afraid to speak my mind. I will never be afraid to lead."


Pat Buchanan An American First Trade Policy

Since 1992, the United States has run a trillion dollar trade deficit, $220 billion with Communist China, which now uses our currency to expand its military, steal our technology and buy weapons to target American soldiers and Taiwan. A Buchanan Administration will rebuild our manufacturing base, stop the export of American jobs and insist that products made in Japan and China be taxed the same as products made in the United States.


A U.S. First Foreign Policy

In a Buchanan Administration, the lives of U.S. soldiers will be put at risk only when America's vital interests at stake. We will withdraw from all global agencies that do not serve U.S. interests. The World Bank will not be privatized. Not one dime from the International Monetary Fund will go to prop up corrupt foreign regimes or countries hostile to the U.S.


One Nation, Colorblind

Quotas and racial, references are forms of legalized discrimination which divide Americans by race, class and ethnic origin. A Buchanan Administration will purge all racial and ethnic quotas from federal agencies and pass colorblind civil rights bill that ensures equal justice for all and special privileges for none.


Immigration Reform

Since 1970, the U.S. has absorbed 27 million immigrants. This year, 1.3 million will pour into the United States, 400,000 of them illegal aliens. 90% from the third world. A Buchanan Administration will reduce immigration levels, repatriate illegals and full assimilate recent immigrants into our culture, history, traditions and the English language.


A Trillion Dollar Tax Cut

Part of America's budget surplus should go to reduce the debt and preserve Social Security. The rest should be returned to the taxpayers -- the workers, families, savers and small business. Every dollar generated from import duties on foreign goods should be used to cut taxes at home.


Ending the Culture of Death

Since Roe v. Wade, 35 million unborn children have been exterminated. Abortion has become the most common medical procedure in America. The campaign to legalize assisted suicide gains ground yearly. A Buchanan Administration will use the Bully Pulpit to fight the culture of Death and appoint only pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.


Dismantling the Federal Bureaucracy

The Federal Government now squanders more of our tax dollars than at any point in our nations history. Welfare reform demonstrated the wisdom of empowering states and dismantling federal bureaucracies. Like welfare -- poverty, housing, primary and secondary education should be returned to the states and the savings returned to the taxpayers.

Born:                         November 2, 1938


Married:        Shelley Ann Scarney


Education:   Georgetown University, BA 1961

                        Columbia University, MS 1962


Career:          1962-1965

                        Editorial Writer St. Louis Globe Democrat



                        Executive Assistant to Richard Nixon



                        Senior Advisor to President Richard Nixon



                        Syndicated Columnist



                        Communications Director for President Ronald Reagan




                        Syndicated Columnist

                        Co-Host, CNN's Crossfire

                        Moderator, CNN's Capitol Gang

                        Panelist, "The McLaughlin Group"

                        Host, Buchanan and Company                                                                   

                        Author, Right from the Beginning

                        The Great Betrayal


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