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Steve Forbes for President 2000 Campaign Brochure

Steve Forbes for President 2000 Campaign Brochures

‘A new birth of freedom’


"You and I are on the verge of the greatest era of economic freedom and spiritual renewal the world has ever seen. But the Washington politicians don't get it. That's why I am running for President -- because it's time for honest conservative leadership to keep America strong and prosperous as we go into the 21st century." Steve Forbes


Steve Forbes: The conservative Republican who can win

In 1996, Steve Forbes won stunning GOP primaries in Arizona and Delaware, appeared on the cover of Time and Newsweek and is widely credited with reshaping the national debate.


Since then, Steve has led the fight for an honest conservative agenda, helping pass a 10% tax cut in lowa, fight a new income tax in New Hampshire, and defeat a 20% sales tax increase in Ohio.


Today, top conservative leaders support Steve Forbes because he's the only conservative with the message, campaign team and resources to win.


A business leader who will protect your economic security and freedom

Steve Forbes is a successful chief executive and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes, the world's foremost business magazine -- he understands how to keep America's economy strong and prosperous as we move into the 21st century.


Steve's plan to protect your economic security includes:


A Flat Tax That's A Tax Cut -- Steve will strengthen the economy, protect your pay, and end the IRS as we know it with a new flat tax.


It's Honest -- No more loopholes carved out by lawyers, lobbyists and lifetime politicians.


It's Simple -- You can fill it out on a postcard.


It's A Real Tax Cut -- A family of four earning $36,000 a year would pay no federal income tax -- saving over $1,600 a year. Steve's plan provides generous personal exemptions of $13,000 for each adult and $5,000 for each child. After that; the rate is just a low 17%. No tax on personal savings, pensions, capital gains and Social Security -- and no "death" taxes.


It's Your Choice -- Steve will give you the freedom to choose between filing under the old tax system or the new flat tax. Most people will see that the flat tax saves time and money.


Saving Social Security -- Steve will fully protect seniors currently on Social Security and those going on it soon. Steve will also give younger workers the freedom to invest part -- and eventually the bulk -- of their payroll taxes in their own personal retirement accounts.


Medical Savings Accounts -- All Americans should be free to choose doctors they trust.


Parental Control of Education -- Every parent deserves the freedom to choose schools that work, and teachers deserve the freedom to create such schools.


A devoted husband and caring father who understands the importance of raising children with strong values

Steve Forbes has been married to his wife, Sabina, for 27 years, and has five wonderful daughters (Roberta, Sabina. Catherine, Moira and Elizabeth).


Steve has written and spoken thoughtfully and without apology about how to rebuild "the moral basis of a free society" -- from appointing Supreme Court Justices like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, defending marriage, and fighting teen drug abuse to protecting the freedom to be born and live happily and securely until natural death.


A champion of freedom who will rebuild America's national security

Steve Forbes understands America's role in an increasingly dangerous world -- for over 30 years, he has worked closely with presidents, prime ministers and business leaders in over 60 countries.

President Reagan named Steve Forbes chairman of the board overseeing the operation of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, whose broadcasts were praised by Poland's Lech Walesa as being critical to the successful struggle against Communism.


Steve will advance a U.S., not a U.N., foreign policy, rebuild our increasingly hollow military and deploy a ballistic missile defense system.


A man of honesty and integrity not a Washington politician

Steve Forbes will once again make the American Presidency and White House symbols of honor and respect.


‘Leadership for the New Century’


The Leadership of New Ideas

In 1996, Steve Forbes dared to do what no other candidate would -- he ran a campaign on new ideas instead of sound bites. The Flat Tax. Saving Social Security. Advancing Freedom. The politicians have jumped on the bandwagon now, but it took Steve Forbes’ leadership to change the debate.


The Forbes Flat Tax Plan: Tax Reduction for Families and Seniors


Steve Forbes' Flat Tax Plan for Working Families

Forbes' plan eliminates complicated deductions and tax shelters and creates a simple, honest tax system that gives a generous personal exemption of $13,000 for each adult and $5,000 for each child and eliminates anti-family "marriage penalty." The average family of four will not pay federal taxes on the first $36,000 of their income, saving them $1,600 annually.


Steve Forbes' Flat Tax Plan Repeals Tax on Social Security

Under Steve Forbes' plan for in fairness, senior citizens will never be taxed on Social Security income, pension funds or personal savings. There will be no more death taxes. Seniors' assets and property such as farms can be passed on to their families tax-free. Seniors benefit from Forbes' plan because all income is taxed only once.


Steve Forbes' Plan for Personal Retirement Security System


Maintain Benefits and Protect Social Security from Big Spending Politicians

America should keep its word and honor its covenant with senior citizens by guaranteeing that those who depend on the current Social Security system are protected and will not suffer benefit cuts. Steve Forbes supports moving the Social Security Trust Fund off-budget to ensure politicians keep their hands off the hard-earned money of Americas seniors who have paid into the system.


Improve Retirement for Future Generations

The Forbes Plan will provide a choice between the current Social Security system and Personal Retirement Accounts that allow participants to invest their own money. Younger Americans will be able to choose their investment companies and to whom they want to leave their assets. The assets from Personal Retirement Accounts will not be taxed. The bottom line -- it's your money and your choice.


Steve Forbes' plan for Protecting America's Freedom


Advancing Freedom by Rebuilding our Military

Steve Forbes will work to rebuild our military and stop the budget cuts that weaken our armed forces and threaten global stability. As President, Steve Forbes will provide the principled and consistent leadership needed from America, the world's only superpower.


Helping Iowa's Farmers by Promoting Free Markets

Steve Forbes believes America should take the lead in bringing the world back to economic growth and prosperity. He is committed to promoting free markets to help Iowa farmers sell their products abroad.


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