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Howard Dean 2004 Campaign Brochure

Howard Dean for President 2004 Campaign Brochure

‘Dean for America’


HOWARD DEAN WAS BORN IN 1948, one of four Dean brothers raised in New York State. He graduated from high school in 1966 and traveled on scholarship for a year in England. Three years later, Howard traveled to Africa during the Nigerian civil war, continuing a lifetime of travel that has taken him to more than 50 countries around the world.


HOWARD GRADUATED FROM YALE UNIVERSITY IN 1971, took a job in finance on Wall St., and began night school to qualify for medical school admission. In 1975, tragedy struck when Howard's younger brother, Charlie, was taken prisoner in Laos and subsequently executed. In 2001, he helicoptered to the rice paddy where his brother is believed buried.

Howard graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1978, and moved to Vermont for his residency. Three years later he married Judith Steinberg, M.D., and together, they set up a joint medical practice. Daughter, Anne, was born in 1984, followed by a son, Paul, two years later.


HE IS AN OUTDOORSMAN, has coached Youth Hockey, completed a 400 mile canoe trip on the Connecticut River with his children, and hiked all 270 miles of Vermont's spectacular Long Trail. He became involved in politics by volunteering on President Jimmy Carter's re-election campaign in 1980. He served in the Vermont State Legislature from 1982-1986, when he was elected to the first of three terms as Lieutenant Governor. In 1991 he became Vermont's 76th Governor, and was re-elected a historic five times. Gov. Dean has served on the National Education Goals Panel, as well as chair of the National Governors' Association (1994) and the Democratic Governors' Association (1996).




Guaranteed health insurance for virtually all children under 18, and more than 90 percent of adults.

Child abuse cut in half.

Vermont led the nation in rate of fully immunized children.

Reduced state debt by 23% in 7 years, established the best bond rating in New England.

More than one third of Vermont's energy use is renewable.

Preserved more than 400,000 acres of forest and farmland.

Education funding has increased dramatically and has been distributed more fairly across the state.

Vermont's unemployment rate remains well below the national average, and Vermont ranks 5th in economic competitiveness and 9th in high tech jobs.




Guarantee health insurance availability and lower prescription drug costs for all Americans.

Eliminate the President's tax cut to:

Balance the federal budget.

Restore money to the Social Security Trust Fund.

Reduce the national debt.

Engage in nation-building by reversing isolationist and unilateralist foreign policy.

Focus on building not just free trade, but also fair trade.

Stop the assault on a woman's reproductive rights.

Guarantee equal rights for all Americans.


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