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Joe Lieberman Leading with Integrity Campaign Booklet

Joe Lieberman for President 2004 Campaign Brochure

ĎLeading with Integrity - A Fresh Start for Americaí


I love America. Not just for the incredible opportunities it has provided to my family and me, but for the enduring optimism that defines us and binds us as a people. Millions of immigrants

Ė like my grandparents and my wife Hadassah -- have come and continue to come

here seeking the American Dream. And, over the years, millions have found it.

They find that we are a can-do country. Our people work harder and dream bigger than anybody, anywhere. Our businesses are the most ingenious and productive. Even our government, at its best, is the most responsive and responsible to its people. We are democracy in action. We see problems and together we solve them.


Itís been that way throughout our history, 227 years of rising and shining. Here at home,

America has moved ever closer to the ideals expressed in our great Declaration of Independence,

starting with the promise of equal opportunity. And around the world, the power of the freedoms for which we stand has liberated millions from fascism, communism, and tyranny.

We have often struggled along the way. The march to equality has moved in fits and starts and remains unfinished. And the cause of freedom has required enormous sacrifices. But those struggles have only made us stronger. And we started this new century with every reason to believe that our best days were ahead of us.


Where I Come From

Thatís why I got into public service in the first place Ė to make the promise of  America real for all Americans. Like so many in my generation, I was first drawn to public life in the 1960s by the vibrant, selfless  vision of President Kennedy, who asked us to give something back to the country that in most cases had given more than we could ever ask.


In 1963, I stood with hundreds of thousands of Americans to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. share his dream of equality and justice with us, and later led a group of students to Mississippi to fight for the right of  African-Americans to vote.


Iíve spent the last 30 years of my life working for the people of Connecticut. Some people consider it just politics. But Iím proud of what Iíve done as a State Senator, Attorney General, and U.S. Senator to give people a voice and empower them to live their own dreams.


Iíve learned how to help businesses create new jobs. And Iíve fought to protect civil rights, consumers, and the environment. In fact, during my Attorney General days in Connecticut, I was so aggressive in cracking down on corporate fraud and pollution that one defense lawyer jokingly named a new wing of his firm after me.


Iíve also come to understand the complexities of an incredibly shrinking  planet -- and appreciate

Americaís role in it, as a military power, an economic beacon, and a moral example.

And thereís something else that my time in public office has taught me: to know what I believe, to say it clearly, and to stick with what I know is right for the country Ė no matter the political consequences .

If we are going to make a fresh start, America needs a leader who has the courage of his convictions and the strength to follow through on them. Believe me, Iíve been in public life long enough to know exactly what to say to a crowd if I want to push the right buttons and get applause. But Iím not running for your adulation or my gain. Iím running to do whatís right for the American people, to do whatís necessary to make America safe and prosperous again -- regardless of whether itís popular or not.


The Lieberman Plan: Fresh Thinking for a Fresh Start.

Thatís just what Iíll do as President Ė harness fresh thinking, consistent with our best values, to give America a fresh start. A fresh start for the job-losing economy and for the overburdened middle class. A fresh start for Americaís fractured alliances and our homeland defenders. A fresh start on meeting our fiscal responsibilities and moral obligations.


To really make a fresh start, and make America strong abroad and strong at home, we need a President who will set clear priorities and big goals Ė and then challenge the nation to meet  them.


As President, my top priorities will be to restore prosperity and security for the American people, and return integrity and fairness to the White House.


On the economy, I will work to create growth and jobs, relieve the squeeze on the middle class, and realize the promise of equal opportunity for all Americans. Among other things, I will:

                                    . Work with the private sector to create 10 million new jobs

                                    . Reduce the deficit each year and balance the budget by the end of my second term

                                    . Make America the world leader in advanced manufacturing again

                                    . Provide access to affordable health insurance to every American

                                    . Reduce the poverty rate to the lowest level in our history

                                    . Reform our immigration system to give new Americans a fair shot to live their dreams


On security, I will work to make us stronger and safer both in the world and within our borders. Among other things, I will:                . Win the war against terrorism without losing our values and our allies

                                    . Transform our military to meet the new threats of the 21st Century

                                    . Fix the serious holes that remain in our domestic defenses

                                    . Eliminate the need for foreign oil within 20 years


And in all I do, I will work to return integrity and fairness to the White House Ė which means keeping our word, meeting our responsibilities, demanding accountability, and putting the country first. Among other things, I will:                              . Safeguard Social Security and Medicare for when the Baby Boomers retire

                                    . Take away special privileges for corporations and make them pay their fair share

                                    . Honor our commitments to our men and women in uniform Ė past and present

                                    . Stop the catastrophic threat posed by global warming

                                    . Defend civil rights, affirmative action, and other tools of social progress

                                    . Say no to using secret task forces and no-bid contracts


But donít just take my word for it. Read this plan, and youíll know exactly what my vision is for America and the ideas, policies, and programs I will rely on to give America a fresh start. Thereís no smoke and mirrors. Just a clear, honest assessment of the big problems we face, and clear, honest answers for solving them.


America still has what it takes. I donít have a solution for everything. And I canít promise to reach every goal right away. These are formidable challenges. But based on our track record, I know we can do better Ė a lot better.


At every trying turn in our history, we have risen to the occasion. We emerged from the Great Depression to become the worldís leading economy. We won world wars, both with the might of our military and the power of our ideals. We have continually widened the circle of opportunity and become truer to our values.


If we lead with integrity ó with new ideas, strong principles, and clear direction ó we can and will work through these challenges together. That will be my charge and that will be my commitment as President.


As I said when I announced my candidacy last January, when I wake up on the road during this marathon race I may not always know where I am. But I promise you this: I will always know who I am and what I stand for. And if I earn your vote, I will always do what I believe is right to build a better, brighter and safer future for this nation I love.


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