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Wesley Clark for President 2004 Brochure

Wes Clark for President 2004 Campaign Brochure

‘As President, Wes Clark will put a lifetime of leadership

to work for a better America.’


Wes Clark’s Vision For America

• A four-step program to clean up George Bush’s mess in Iraq, so we can get back to the important priorities facing our nation.

• A plan to create jobs through a Homeland and Economic Security Fund, returning money to state and local governments, and incentives for businesses to create jobs here at home—paid for by rolling back the Bush tax breaks for those at the top.

• A common-sense plan to expand health coverage to all children and make affordable health insurance available to those who do not have it.

• A fiscal program to reduce the exploding federal budget deficit, so we do not pass on an ever-increasing burden of debt to the next generation.


Wes Clark for President – A New American Patriotism

Creating Jobs in America

• Wes Clark has a plan to repeal President Bush's tax giveaways for the wealthy and use the money to create jobs.

• Wes Clark's plan invests $100 billion over two years to strengthen America's homeland security; provide relief for state and local governments; and provide targeted tax credits for job creation.

• Wes Clark has a plan to revitalize America's manufacturing sector and other industries that have been shipping jobs overseas, like software engineers.


Promoting Long-Term Growth

• Wes Clark's “Saving for America's Future” plan reduces the deficit every year of his presidency so we don't pass enormous debt on to our children.

• Wes Clark's plan saves $2.35 trillion over ten years by cutting government waste, ending corporate welfare, internationalizing the Iraq effort, and repealing Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans—those making more than $200,000 annually.


Providing Universal Access to Health Insurance

• Wes Clark believes all Americans deserve excellent, affordable health care.

• Wes Clark has a proposal to provide health care coverage for 32 million Americans who lack coverage

today, including all 13 million children who currently lack it.

• Wes Clark proposes tax credits to help families making up to $90,000 a year save money on their health

insurance premiums.

• Wes Clark's plan increases the value of health spending, using the latest ideas and technology to increase quality

while reducing costs.


Investing in Education

• Wes Clark has a plan to establish universal preschool for all 4-year olds so that all kids enter kindergarten

prepared to learn.

• Wes Clark wants to invest more in our schools and teachers.

• Wes Clark has proposed a $6,000 Universal College Grant to make the first two years of college free for most students.


Protecting Civil Liberties

• Wes Clark believes we can protect ourselves from terrorism without compromising the liberty that makes

our country great.

• Wes Clark supports reviewing the Patriot Act to eliminate provisions that give the Attorney General too

much discretion to spy on law-abiding Americans.


Protecting Civil Rights

• Wes Clark strongly supports affirmative action.

• Wes Clark will defend a woman's right to choose.

• Wes Clark wants to strengthen the rights of workers to unionize.


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