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Jack Kemp for President 1988 Campaign Brochure

Jack Kemp for President 1988 Campaign Brochure

‘Jack Kemp for President’


Jack Kemp on the Issues


Tax Cuts

Jack Kemp co-authored the Kemp-Roth Tax Cut bill passed by President Reagan that cut rates 25% and ended tax increases caused by inflation. Key provisions of his "Fair and Simple" Tax bill were passed, reducing the tax rate for 8 out of 10 Americans to 15% while increasing the personal exemption to $2000. Jack Kemp has pledged to veto any federal tax hike proposal and believes in lower tax rates for the future.


Creating Jobs Through Free Enterprise

Jack Kemp's trade bill, which he cosponsored with Senator Phil Gramm, would create free trade zones between nations and open new markets. He believes we must balance the budget through spending cuts and economic growth. He supports policies for a sound dollar and stable exchange rates to expand American exports. Jack Kemp is committed to expanding the free market opportunities that have created over 13 million new jobs and lowered inflation during the past four years.


Keeping Peace Through Strength

Jack Kemp believes that the United States must promote the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights around the world through a position of strength, not weakness. He supported the rebuilding of America's defenses that has expanded democratic opportunities, kept us at peace and halted the spread of communism. Jack Kemp will work for peace through strength and the spread of democratic capitalism.


Strengthening the Family

Jack Kemp has sponsored legislation to combat child pornography and drug abuse, including a proposal requiring life in prison for dealers who sell deadly drugs to children. He has also worked to improve education through loan opportunities for college. He has sponsored the Hyde-Humphrey right-to-life bill that would affirm the humanity of the unborn. Jack Kemp has worked to strengthen family values through both his personal and political life.


As President, Jack Kemp will put Ideas to Work for America.


Jack Kemp, A Lifetime of Winning Important Victories.


Throughout his life, Jack Kemp has been a leader of people and ideas. Again and again, he has shown the determination and ability to beat the odds and win.


As a pro football quarterback, Jack Kemp faced stiff competition and tough challenges. A serious hand injury threatened to end his career, but Jack Kemp not only continued to play, he led the Buffalo Bills to two League Championships. For his determination, Jack Kemp was named the League's Most Valuable Player and elected President of the AFL Players Association. A host of pro football superstars -- including O.J. Simpson, Joe Namath, Tom Flores, John Mackey, Otto Graham, Ron Mix, Nick Buoniconti, Johnny Unitas, Tom Landry, Don Shula and Pat Summerall -- are now backing Jack Kemp for President.


Jack Kemp carried this same winning attitude with him to Washington. As a United States Representative since 1971, he has risen quickly to key positions on budget, foreign policy, defense and family committees and subcommittees. Recognizing his abilities, Jack Kemp's House colleagues elected him to the key Republican leadership post of Conference Chairman.


In his Presidential campaign, Jack Kemp is already competitive and winning important straw ballot tests across the country.


Working with Ronald Reagan


Jack Kemp was an early leader in the Reagan Revolution. As a rising young conservative, he was recruited by then-Governor Ronald Reagan in 1967, and has continued to work with him on key initiatives ever since. The Kemp-Roth Tax reductions became the centerpiece of "Reaganomics:" which lowered tax rates by 25%.


"…He sold Reaganomics to Reagan."


Former Reagan Campaign Manager Ed Rollins and other Reagan leaders around the country are organizing for Kemp. Jack Kemp is the only candidate for President who was with Ronald Reagan in the beginning, backed him for the nomination in 1979, and co-authored both the 1980 and 1984 Republican Platforms upon which Ronald Reagan ran and won.


Turning Conservative Ideas into Progress


By electing Ronald Reagan, Americans chose conservative principle over political compromise. As President, Jack Kemp will be uniquely prepared to advance these principles, turning progressive conservative ideas into action.


"For ten years…Jack Kemp has set the conservative agenda -- and the national political agenda as well. Kemp has taken the right positions, often long before anyone else…

The Republican field now assembled is a good one. The best man in it is Jack Kemp."

-National Review


Jack Kemp is a leader, not a follower, of the conservative movement in America.


Honoring Family Values


Like so many Americans, Jack Kemp's roots lie in middle America. His family's small trucking business supported the four Kemp sons during the Depression. As Jack's brother Tom notes, "We've all relied on one another at various times in our lives, and Jack continues to rely on family today."


Jack Kemp met his wife, Joanne, while attending Occidental College. As the parents of four and grandparents of two, they have sought to instill in their family the same values he has promoted on the floor of the House. Joanne and the Kemp children are all active players on the campaign team.


"I'm running for President because I want to challenge America -- as no other candidate will challenge America -- to reach our highest ideals and greatest potential. I believe in a future of unlimited and boundless opportunity for all Americans."

-Jack Kemp

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