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Wilbur Mills 1972

February 8, 1972


The Honorable

Robert C. Zimmerman

Secretary of State

Department of State

Madison, Wisconsin 53702


Dear Mr. Zimmerman


Your letter of February 1, advising me of the action taken by the Presidential Preference Committee of the State of Wisconsin, is much appreciated even though it leaves me in something of a quandary. 


On many occasions, I have said publicly and privately that I do not have the time or the money to devote to the campaigning that would be required of me if I were entered or be entered in a Presidential primary in any of the state’s which require such primaries. The schedule the Committee on Ways and Means promises to be a heavy one in this session of the Congress, and I must reserve time to devote to the activities of the Committee.  Those activities will not allow the absences from Washington that would be required by an active campaign. 


On the other hand, knowing that my home state will offer my name in contention for the nomination at the Democratic National Convention and knowing that Democrats in other states will go to the Convention committed to support my home State, I cannot at this time some of the affidavit that the laws of Wisconsin require of me to remove my name from the Wisconsin ballot.


It is my hope that you and the people of Wisconsin will understand the problem I face and my inability to actively campaign in your State.  I look forward to visiting with you in with them on those occasions when my efforts to help my Congressional friends from Wisconsin in their home Districts bring me to Wisconsin. 


With kindest regards and best wishes, I am


Sincerely yours,


Wilbur D. Mills


Courtesy Bailey Library, Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas


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