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Gerald Ford 1976 Announcement Speech

Gerald R. Ford

Remarks Announcing Candidacy for the 1976 Republican Presidential Nomination

July 8, 1975


TODAY, I am officially announcing that I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 1976. I do this with the strong support of my family and my friends.


My campaign will be conducted by outstanding Americans on whose integrity both my supporters and all others can depend. I have found these leaders in Bo Callaway of Georgia, Dave Packard of California, Dean Burch and Bob Moot, and many others from every State and from every walk of life who have volunteered to help.


I have given them authority to seek my nomination with three qualifications, which I want all Americans to know.


First, I intend to conduct an open and aboveboard campaign, both for the nomination and for the Presidency. I want every delegate and every vote that I can get that can be won to my cause within the spirit and the letter of the law and without compromising the principles for which I have stood all of my political and public life.


Secondly, I will not forget my initial pledge to be President of all of the people. I believe I can best represent my party, but this will be futile unless I unite the majority of Americans who acknowledge no absolute party loyalty. Therefore, I will seek the support of all who believe in the fundamental values of duty, decency, and constructive debate on the great issues we face together as free people.


Third, I am determined never to neglect my first duty as President. After 11 months in this office, I know full well that the obligations of the Presidency require most of the stamina and concentration one human being can muster. But it is also the duty of all Americans to participate fully in our free elective process, and I will do so enthusiastically.


In all the 13 election campaigns I have undertaken, my basic conviction has been that the best politics is always to do the best job I can for all the people. I see no reason to change that successful philosophy.


I expect to work hard, campaign forthrightly, and do the very best I can for America in order to finish the job I have begun.


Thank you very much.


NOTE: The President spoke at 12:03 p.m. to reporters assembled in the Oval Office at the White House. Present for the announcement were Howard H. Callaway, chairman of the President Ford Committee, Robert C. Moot, treasurer of the committee, David Packard, national finance chairman, and Dean Burch, chairman of the advisory committee for the campaign.

Source: Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum


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