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Thad McCotter 2012Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)
Announcement of Candidacy
WAAM Freedom Fest
Whitmore Lake, MI
Saturday, July 2, 2011

WAAM Freedom Fest. Yes. [someone plays guitar chord in background] Well played. Taking heart despite the times and the weather. So, I will be brief today, so that none of you get electrocuted.

First I would like to introduce who’s up here with me. My wife Rita, our daughter Amelia who is thrilled to be with us today. Our son Timothy who is equally thrilled. And not with us today is our son George, who is at work. Which is something that every American should have a chance to do.

We here in Michigan understand that our pursuit of prosperity, our American dream is in endangered. We have seen a government that has refused to restructure itself for the future as we have, as our entrepreneurs have, and as our families have. We have seen a federal government that has tried to spend its way into prosperity with our money and it has failed. We have seen a federal government that has tried to impose government-run health care upon us despite the consent of the people, and it will fail.

We have seen a government that has bought in to the myth of cap and trade and climate change. And it too will fail. And we have seen a government buy into the concept that the Wall Street banks were too big to fail and that policy has failed. But the one thing that will not fail, for it is too majestic to ever let down Lady Liberty, is you the sovereign American people.

Through your hard work and through your principled devotion to bequeathing to your children a better nation than the one we’ve inherited, have no doubt that we will restructure the government for the future so that it is citizen driven, we will restructure the Wall Street banks so the credit can flow and the entrepreneurs and the workers can grow our economy and shape the next American economic century.

We will defend America from her enemies and we will always support our brave men and women in uniform that are sacrificing so much for our security and liberty. We will expand freedom to the oppressed to ensure freedom at home for ourselves and we will stand steadfast with our allies in this endeavor, notably our dear ally Israel.

And all those seeking to break off the shackles of oppression, be it in Iran’s green revolution or be it in the Communist Chinese oppressed lands’ jasmine revolution or be it those who stand up to Hugo Chavez or Castro in Latin America, the United States will remain a beacon of liberty to inspire the oppressed, just as we did on July 2nd when the founders came together to declare their love of liberty and their own independence.

Because we understand five fundamental principles.

Our liberty is from God, not the government.

Our sovereignty is in our souls, not the soil or a scepter.

Our security is from strength, not appeasement or surrender.

Our prosperity is from the private sector, not the public sector.

And our truths are self-evident, not relative.

These are the principles that will guide us as we move forward into the future. A future which many in this country believe will be one of diminished opportunity for the people of the United States and the next generation. I fundamentally disagree. For those who put their faith in big government, that might make sense that our best days are behind us. But for those who put their faith in the virtuous genius and industrious of you the American people, we know that while it is a hard road ahead, we will have better days, and we will start now.

Too many Americans, too many families, too many people are worried about whether or not they are still sovereign in their country. Whether or not there is a new concept at work where some individuals are considered disposable citizens. Where they are too small to matter. They are wrong. Every single one of you, every single American is the faith and future of this country. And what we need in Washington is someone who understands that the wave of the future is not big government, it is self government. Someone in Washington who will truly feel and understand the pain and the anguish of 14 million unemployed Americans. The feeling of being trapped of up to 30 million Americans today who cannot find better jobs, because they are not there. People who understand that at a period of time of when inflation is rising and wages are declining. People who need to know that someone in Washington, no matter how derided or disposable someone else thinks you are, will stand for you.

That is why today I am announcing my candidacy for the nomination of my Republican Party to serve as your President of the United States. (Chants: Thad. Thad, Thad…) Remember, the storms are coming. You may interpret it as any type of omen as you wish.

And so with your support and the support of anybody who will march beneath or beside the banner of the Republican Party, I look forward to working with you to ensure that once more through the unfathomable grace of God and the virtuous genius of you her free people, our free republic will again be a virtuous, prosperous, compassionate inspiration that will show all the world what a free people can achieve.

Thank you very much for having me and I look forward to playing with the band.

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