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Marianne Williamson 2020 AnnouncementMarianne Williamson To Run For President Of The United States
Best-selling author, entrepreneur and activist announces bid for Democratic Party Nomination in 2020

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Joined by tens of thousands of supporters, Marianne Williamson today announced her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic Party Nomination at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles.

"I want to engage voters in a more meaningful conversation about America," states Williamson. "About our history, about how each of us fit into it, and how to create a sustainable future. Our national challenges are deep, but our political conversation is shallow. My campaign is for people who want to dig deeper into the questions we face as a nation, and deeper into finding the answers."

Two months after launching an exploratory campaign to determine the viability of a presidential campaign, Williamson, who published a book on American's political system titled Healing the Soul of America in 1997 and re-issued the book in an updated edition last year, has already travelled to Iowa six times this year and spent early January visiting New Hampshire.
"All Americans know they have an important part to play in determining the conversation that will dominate our politics over the next two years, and they take it very seriously. I'm honored to be part of the process and feel very grateful that they're showing up to engage me in this conversation."

Williamson's run comes after a 35-year-career spent teaching universal spiritual values, non-profit activism and a commitment to social justice. She is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, and has been one of America's most well-known public voices for more than three decades. Seven of her twelve published books have been New York Times best sellers.

Today, she cites, "our economy as a veiled aristocracy, a crisis among America's children, systemic racism, and reframing national security," among the nation's greatest issues. "We need more than a better version of the same old same old. We need a fundamental disruption of a sociopathic economic order, and an alignment of our politics with our deepest democratic and human values."

In the 1980s, she founded the Los Angeles and Manhattan Centers for Living, which provided non-medical support services to people with AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses. In 1990, she founded Project Angel Food, a meal-delivery service to homebound people suffering from AIDS. She also co-founded The Peace Alliance, promoting legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace. 

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